How treating muscle and joint pain: practical advice and remedies

When it comes to | ||102dolori muscolari e articolari it is very likely that you are also thinking about how to getthe pain goes away quickly.Many people like to useLasonil gel with pain-relieving function, an excellent product that allows a quick recovery.

But what are What advice can we give to those who suffer from frequent pain and are looking for tricks to improve their lives by eliminating some bad habits and introducing better ones?

Tips to avoid muscle and joint pain

Il primo consiglio che vogliamo dare non può che essere quello di move around:physical exercise, in fact, reduces pain because it strengthens muscles that serve to support joints. You canwalk, do tai chi and go swimmingwhich are considered decidedly soft disciplines but at the same time interesting as results.

The second advice is that ofeat more fiber.People who eat foods that are high in fiber produceshort-chain fatty acidswhich improve the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract. An imbalance can lead, in most cases, to an increased risk of inflammation in the body.

The third tip is touse heat.A hot water bottle, a bar with heating gel, a hot bath are enough to improve the situation. In fact, the heat increases the blood flow to the aching muscles, loosens the stiffness of the joints and distracts the brain from feeling pain.

The fourth tip is the opposite of the third: you can, in fact, alsoapply a cold impact.If we have inflammation of the joints we can apply this ice pack which allows the inflammation to go down faster. Cold also slows down nerve impulses and therefore makes you feel less pain.

The fifth tip is tocreate interactions with the world.We know, perfectly, how difficult it can be to live a whole life with pain and this does not allow us to live our existence to the fullest. Make an effort to create a forum, interact with other people who have the same problems and work on how to improve your pain and physical situation step by step.

The sixth tip is tostretch and stretch.Obviously without exaggerating, especially if we don't exercise so much and if we're not used to using our body. But if we start doing delicate stretches this will allow us to have more trained muscles and therefore less pain than the previous inactivity.

The seventh and last tip is tosleep well.Many of us use the bed as a bed to sleep when we are tired, without ever imagining how many variables can change the quality of our sleep. First of all, it would be better to have a routine to respect, with light dinners and a common time to go to sleep. Then it would be better to use a good quality bed base, mattress and pillow because not sleeping well allows us to wake up tired and already with pains that we have been carrying from the previous days and which do not improve due to repeated and wrong nighttime postures.

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