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Oggi, invece, vorrei parlarvi di come la tecnologia, le varie app per i nostri smartphones in particolare, aiutino in maniera esponenziale e anche parecchio facilitata il nostro modo di mangiare e, soprattutto, il contare le calorie giornaliere per tenere sotto controllo il nostro peso.

The Christmas holidays, which have just passed, have concentrated in a few days a continuum of lunches and dinners which in almost all of them have led to an increase in weight.

Quindi, in questi giorni, cerchiamo di essere più attenti nei confronti del cibo e delle calorie che ingurgitiamo.

Many people, then, get a hand from apps that help monitor their weight and allow them to check the number of calories eaten or those burned.

We have several, all effective. I'll show you a few:

Meal Snap, by taking a simple photo of the product or food you are about to eat, it is able to recover nutritional values ​​and caloric intake thanks to a simple photograph of the food you want to eat. This thing is quite interesting because it is very direct and easy to understand. We photographed the food and we immediately screened what the food contains, good and bad of course.

Conta le calorie giornaliere e tieni sotto controllo il tuo peso

Diet Calorie Calculator Lite + Food Diary and iFood Lite they offer many tools, including calorie counting and also the food diary, which I have already told you about as a very interesting tool to realize over time what you eat, in which we can write down our habits and the food eaten in a typical day.

Your ideal weightandIMC Procalculate instead body mass index and ideal weight.

Other intelligent applications, such as iDukan, iZone Diet and 40-30-30 provide tools for monitoring and following diets such as the Dukan or those in the area, but they are specific to the type of diet we are following at that moment so they are a little less effective for those who only want to maintain a certain type of food education in the long term and that is what I prefer, because, as I always say, the important thing is not to lose weight in a short time but to maintain a constancy in choosing to eat less and to eat healthily.

Finally, for the more sporty, i.e. those who prefer not only to eat well but to combine eating well with continuous physical activity, we have apps likeNike Training Club and Adidas miCoach which manage training plans by coupling them to the calculation of daily calories. Still apps like Runstatic, designed for various sports, keep track of the distance covered, the calories burned in the activity and the time spent.

Conta le calorie giornaliere e tieni sotto controllo il tuo peso

In short it seems rather easier for us to enter the world of feeling good about ourselves also thanks to these apps made especially for those who, like us, want to get back in shape or even just to check, over time, how well they are doing. So long live technology when used for health purposes.

And do you have an app on your phone that you use to check calories and weight? And if so which one? Write it in the comments!



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