Coolest Truck Options You Will Need within the Future

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Pickup trucks stay top-sellers for his or her towing capability and hauling energy, whether or not for recreation or work. As client wants evolve, producers debut new truck options to compete on innovation. That features some out there on the all-electric vehicles which can be simply arriving on the scene, although gas-powered automobiles possess a few of them, too.

On this article, we’ll cowl the next cool options in pickup vehicles:

What Makes a Great Truck Feature?

A great truck feature serves the driver’s needs and is easy to use for towing large loads or navigating excessive off-road terrain. Even the best options could make a big distinction, together with if it powers your tailgate get together enjoyable or, throughout an influence outage, generates electrical energy for your home.

Since vehicles prioritize utility, truck engineers and designers can take extras to the acute. These options will help get drivers out of powerful spots and make proudly owning a truck extra enjoyable. See our picks beneath.  

1. CrabWalk from GMC 

GMC Hummer EV With CrabWalk

CrabWalk mode in 2022 GMC Hummer electric truck allows all four wheels on the vehicle to turn in the same direction, up to a 10-degree angle. This feature lets the vehicle move diagonally, similar to how a crab walks on a slant.  

Hummer CrabWalk

CrabWalk can be a game-changer when driving along narrow trails and extreme off-road paths. Its dynamic mobility makes it simpler to maneuver the truck via rugged terrain.  

The GMC Hummer EV pickup is presently the one truck providing a CrabWalk Mode, however others are probably within the works.  

“In relation to cool truck options … I’d moderately have CrabWalk,” stated Kelley Blue E-book senior editor and truck skilled Allyson Harwood. “That function is useful when off-road, and I feel it is also helpful when parallel parking.”

Be looking out for different automobiles coming quickly with this function.

2. Pro Trailer Backup Assist from Ford

Ford F 150 Lighning Pro Trailer

It may not be new, but Pro Trailer Backup Assist helps when backing up your Ford with a trailer, boat, or RV attached.

It’s fairly simple to use by putting the truck in reverse. First, push the Pro Trailer Backup Assist button, then rotate the knob to the right if you want to back up to the right or left if you want to go left.

When the trailer starts maneuvering in the direction you want, you can release the knob to the middle. Then, the system will control the steering wheel and information the trailer into place. The motive force might want to keep watch over the maneuver always and use the aspect view mirrors to help within the course of. Slight changes to the path will be made utilizing the knob as wanted. When backing up, the driving force controls the accelerator and brakes. 

Professional Trailer Backup Help debuted on 2016 Ford F-150 vehicles and is commonplace or elective relying on the mannequin you select. It’s additionally out there on some Ford SUVs.

It’s attainable to pair Professional Trailer Backup Help with different programs like Trailer Reverse Steering for extra performance.

3. Tank Turn from Rivian

2022 Rivian R1T

When it becomes available, Quad-Motor Tank Turn in Rivian’s R1T truck and R1S SUV models lets these electric vehicles rotate 360 levels. The quad motor sends energy independently and instantly to every wheel. When that occurs, drivers can spin in place in a full circle.

However, is Tank Flip helpful?

“Tank Flip is a stunning novelty, however its usefulness is questionable,” stated Kelley Blue E-book’s Micah Muzio. “The events the place a driver would need to rotate inside their car’s size and will achieve this safely are vanishingly small. In talking with engineers at Rivian, they’ve the identical trepidation, which explains why the function hasn’t been carried out.”

Muzio added, “One thing like Ford’s brake-based Path Flip Help is much extra helpful, permitting drivers to make tight turns with ease off-road.”

Mercedes teased its personal model of Tank Flip within the EQG idea car. The automaker plans to supply its function in 2024 fashions. Ford has not too long ago filed a patent for its EVs to carry out an identical maneuver.  

4. Trail Turn Assist from Ford

Ford F 150 Raptor Trail Turn Assist

Navigating narrow bends is easier with Trail Turn Assist. This feature engages the brakes on the inside rear wheel to help reduce your turning radius. From there, you can twist and turn along tight trails more easily using low speed and high steering angles.  

Trail Turn Assist can be activated in vehicle models that come with it, like the 2021 and 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor if it’s in 4-wheel-drive high (4H) or 4WD low (4L) mode. If equipped, the driver must disengage the rear locking differential and keep speed under 12 mph.

5. Tailgate Features from Ford, GMC, and Chevy

What’s in a tailgate? GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate function on fashions together with the 2022 Sierra 1500 brings performance to a number of positions while you want it. A foldable inside gate makes loading and unloading the truck mattress simpler.

The total-width step makes coming into and exiting extra accessible, and a main gate load cease prevents objects from sliding out of the field as you drive. The gate additionally opens outward to be used as a piece floor. 

The MultiPro Tailgate additionally is offered on the GMC Hummer EV.

Chevy Silverado CornerStep

Accessible on all Chevy Silverado fashions, the Multi-Flex Tailgate affords a load cease operate, a full-width step that may maintain as much as 375 kilos, and on both sides, a handy CornerStep provides extra prospects for moving into the mattress of the truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning Tailgate Step

In Ford F-150s, together with the Lightning, an Built-in Tailgate Step pulls out and lowers, providing a stair to get into the mattress of a truck. A seize bar pulls out that can assist you climb aboard.

6. Home Integration System from Ford

A Ford F-150 Lightning provides power to a home during a blackout

If your power gets taken out by a hurricane, thunderstorm, or blizzard, the Ford F-150 Lightning can handle powering up your house for up to 10 days when rationed and linked to your electrical box through Ford’s Home Integration System. For drivers living in hurricane-prone areas, this capability can be a lifeline.

7. Crawl Control on Toyota

2022 Toyota Tundra Limited

If you’re off-roading, driving on the beach, or stuck in snow, you could want Toyota’s crawl management for higher traction. Accessible on the Toyota Tacoma and new for 2022 on the Toyota Tundra, crawl management makes getting out of sand, driving over rocky terrain, and climbing and descending hills (together with in snow), a easy process.

Crawl Management works with hill help and Toyota’s Downhill Help Management when activated, serving to to regulate the car. All you should do is regulate velocity, steer, preserve your ft off the brake and gasoline, and the truck does the remaining.

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