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Courses of permanent make-up: here's what you need to know

Have you ever thought about changing your life treading a new road in the world of aesthetics? Apermanent make-up course, through the platform Orsini Belfatto (www.corsiorsinibelfatto .it), can be a great opportunity to learn a make-up technique that can make us very competitive in the job market, very good, absolutely able to show our competence with an innovative and permanent technique.

This type of course, available since 1989 thanks to the merger of two masters such as Orsini and Belfatto, is able to reveal all the secrets of dermopigmentation , a sort of tattoo/makeup that, with different techniques, is able to enhance beauty with a make-up that is able to make happy or satisfied those who want to face this new but very incisive path on the face.

Permanent make-up courses

Permanent make-up courses (here you can find information on semi-permanent make-up) are those who will become, more than evidently, a real godsend for those who want to undertake this profession as a possible future job.

These courses are also followed by professionals who are already make-up artists or by complete neophytes who are students of courses held by operators who have been included in the courses by Orsini and Belfatto themselves and, above all, after a series of specific tests and exams. of these specific and super technical courses.

Solo alla fine del percorso individuale gli operatori diventano Maestri Dermopigmentisti, insegnanti quindi autorizzati di questi corsi specifici e super tecnici.

But how can one become a teacher?

Surely with a series of internal exams, with specific questions and a series of texts to study and of make-up tests and exams precisely on the use of the tools to be used with a certain serenity and with great wealth.

Furthermore, the school has a very important professional figure which is that of the tutor. The tutor inserts the student in the class and then follows his path up to the diploma and then the entry into the world of work, always thanks to the help of the school which certainly does not want to talk about the unemployed but about new working professionals, immediately, in the world of work.

5 types of courses:

  1. basic permanent make-up course
  2. advanced and corrective course
  3. aesthetic dermopigmentation course
  4. realistic eyebrow course
  5. tricopigmentation course

Thebasic permanent make-up courseThe 

Il advanced and corrective course is what is done only after the basic course and after completing at least 5 treatments and is the advanced course, in fact, that is the one that is used to fix permanent make-up errors or if we are faced with some asymmetry problem or some other problem that we can find on a face.

The dermopigmentazione estetica it is also used to cure a woman's defects after operations of various kinds. I am speaking, in this specific case, of what can happen to a woman after a breast operation. In this case, dermopigmentation could help the woman tattoo a nipple that was lost or damaged during surgery.

The realistic eyebrow course is what it is used to resume, with a super real make-up, hair after hair, in the reconstruction or construction of a non-existent or damaged eyebrow.

The course of tricopigmentation dura due giorni ed è molto interessante perché stiamo parlando di un tatuaggio che permette di recuperare autostima grazie a un tappeto, molto realistico, che aiuta in casi di calvizie o di alopecia.

It seems very interesting to me to talk about these courses, certainly taking them again afterwards, because it is very interesting to ask for information from this type of school, made up of professionals for professionals and which allows you to create jobs that you may never have thought also finding yourself already in a traditional aesthetic position. How about trying to inform yourself and ask for a quote? Great offers without filters.


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