Chrome Diet: nutrition to tone skin and muscles

Alimentazione per tonificare pelle e muscoli

We have often thought aboutdiets to lose weight but certainly few times we stop to think about what will be after losing weight and then anutrition to tone skin and muscles.

Besides, the thing is clear: when we decide tolose weight we have to get it into our heads that in most cases we will also need to tone up, because especially if if we lose a lot of weight, it is likely that we will have loose skin and muscles that are not exactly tight. four days. In each of these four days we will choose a dominant color for the foods we are going to eat that day. Red, for example, indicates foods that have a lot of antioxidant and anticancer beta-carotene and lycopene, just as green expresses a quantity of

La cromodieta, questa di cui vorrei parlarvi oggi, dura quattro giorni. In ognuno di questi quattro giorni sceglieremo un colore dominante per i cibi che andremo a mangiare quel giorno. Il rosso, per esempio, indica alimenti che hanno un bel po’ di betacarotene e di licopene antiossidanti e antitumorali, così come il verde esprime una quantità di detoxifying chlorophyll or blue of anthocyanins that we need for our blood vessels.

Do you understand the fun game of this color diet?

Let's see in these 4 days what we can eat to feed and tone muscles and skin.


The diet of colors to tone up

First day : RED

It's the day of red apples which, thanks to the peel, absorb less fat and stimulate the metabolism.


red tea

3 fette biscottate con marmellata di fragole


100 grams of strawberries


Apple and soncino salad with only 2 teaspoons of olive oil

80 grams of spaghetti with spring onions and red pepper


Low-fat yogurt and red apple


150 grams of chicken with red radicchio salad and 70 grams of wholemeal bread

Second day: ORANGE

It is melon day which is antioxidant and helps the immune system.

A melon a day makes you if ntire revitalized, digest better and reduce anxiety. It also fights cellulite.



2 boiled eggs

2 slices of toast


low-fat yogurt with melon cut into small pieces


Melon salad with rocket, cherry tomatoes and 2 teaspoons of oil and salt

100 grammi di risotto con fiori di zucca


2 scoops of melon sorbet


200 grams of grilled cuttlefish with olive oil and sauteed carrots

70 grams of wholemeal bread

Third day: YELLOW

Yellow is the color of the stomach and kidneys. If you drink yellow tea you solve many problems of diuresis and retention.


Chinese yellow tea

3 teaspoons of acacia flower honey

70 g of wholemeal bread


2 slices of pineapple


Yellow plum and endive salad| ||223

100 grammi di riso al limone


low fat yogurt and pineapple


200 grams of sole en papillote with yellow peppers and 70 grams of bread

Fourth day: GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE

These 3 colors are the colors of calm and circulation. It is the day of tissue oxygenation and microcirculation.


Green tea

3 teaspoons of lavender honey

70 g of five-grain bread


low-fat yogurt and blueberries


Lettuce with grilled aubergines and green olives|| |256

100 grammi di fusilli al pesto


Purple plums and low-fat yogurt


Cucumber and mint with 70 grams of wholemeal bread


Clearly, just as diet is important for weight loss, so are foods for toning muscles and skin. Let's try this color diet together, it's so tasty and cheerful!

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