Bran of oats for weight loss and to reduce cholesterol

La crusca di avena fa dimagrire? Today I want to talk to you about how good it is to take oat bran: both to lose weight and to reduce cholesterol.

Let's go in order and try to understand what makes bran so good to eat and so healthy.

Soluble fibers are nutrients that help absorb cholesterol. water as they are ingested and pass through the digestive system.

Thanks to its very high soluble fiber content, oat bran is considered a whole grain and is useful for maintaining healthy blood levels.

Fats and glucose are in fact absorbed and contained as well as being able to maintain regular bowel movements.

Oat bran can also be exceptional for helping with weight.

It is interesting to think how 15 grams of freshly ingested bran absorb a mass of liquids 25 times higher than the grams taken.

This will immediately createa sensation I know of satiety that we carry for a long time, not making us hungry in the hours following the ingestion of bran.

Bran and cholesterol

The thing important to know is that bran helps lower the level of fat in the blood and increasing the presence ofLDL, the good cholesterol in the blood, to the detriment of the bad one .

Crusca di avena per dimagrire e per ridurre il colesterolo: la crusca e il colesterolo

We must always think about what we eat, especially if we are dealing with processed cereals or white cereals such as bread, pasta and sweets.

Let us learn how to use today and forever whole grains, which are excellent to eat and rich in fiber, just like bran.

While white bread can, indeed certainly, increase bad cholesterol and the level of fat in the blood , the integral makes sure that our body stabilizes with a regular rhythm and with no increase in fat, rather fat absorption thanks to the fibers of which it is composed. || |138

Come assumerla?

Thebran is excellent to eat as a breakfast or a snack, to speed up our metabolism and I assure you that it will be worth it.

You could add 20 grams of bran to ahomemade smoothie with fresh fruit and skimmed or soy milk for the intolerant or you could, even better, stop by for an afternoon snack on some 0 percent fat Greek yogurt with some berries and a handful of bran.

Crusca di avena per dimagrire e per ridurre il colesterolo: la crusca e il colesterolo


La Oat bran helps you lose weight, but certainly not alone.

In another article I made a list of 15 foods rich in fiber that help you lose weight.

Of course, I'm not saying that taking oat bran alone solves our excess weight, but certainly, within a personalized diet, it helps a lot.

Another benefit is to fight cholesterol, another enemy of our sa lute to which we must be careful.

So, I can only advise you to take antioxidants and fibers in industrial quantities:-)

And do you use bran?

Vi piace mangiarla?

Have you ever tried it?

It really doesn't take anything to change the bad habits that make us vulnerable and sickly.

We need feel good, fit, there really is nothing better to do.

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