Diet with yo-yo effect? Learn how to lose weight the right way

How many times have you started a diet in your life ?

Probably much more than once.

If you want to lose weight, you know, you have to do it the right way (perhapsthrough a personalized diet).

I'll tell you right away: skipping meals or following a low-calorie diet is in no way, not the right answer to losing any amount of weight.| ||111

Estrema privazione di calorie che porta solo a una yo-yo dieting.

Your weight will continue to go up and down for the rest of your life if you keep eating very little and then eating as much as you feel like it and vice versa.

If you want your weight loss to be permanent listen to me.

Lack of understanding about what type of diet is best to follow leads to abysmal failures.

Even if you have a s Initial success on these fad diets, the toll your body takes is not all good. Extreme diets that promise big weight loss in a short amount of time cut out macronutrients like carbohydrates and fat – which is horrific for your hormonal balance and metabolism.

Dieta con effetto Yo-Yo Impara a perdere peso nel modo corretto
Why are you in this loop where you eat and fast and eat and fast?

Perhaps you are desperate to lose weight for a special occasion and think that a couple of weeks at 800 calories a day might give you the desired results. And maybe it does.

But then what happens when you eat again like before?

Our bodies don't take calories, the levels of || |130 T3, the thyroid hormone that increases metabolism, causing the metabolism to slow down.

Also,insulin no longer responds to glucose, as there is no quantity in your body but it wanders freely in the blood. Your sensitivity to leptin (which regulates appetite) is reduced, so you never feel full.

Also, the hormone that tells your brain you're starving, calledghrelin, shoots higher than ever before.

This is just the beginning of your problems.

When you start eating on a regular basis again you immediately start to gain weight.

Dieta con effetto Yo-Yo Impara a perdere peso nel modo corretto
ENOUGH then with this vicious circle!

Here we don't need to eat very little but to make a lifestyle change in which we all eat healthier throughout life by giving ourselves some physical exercise.

That's the important thing, not taking the time to eat practically nothing for weeks, drastically lowering the amount of food.

No need, just eat the right things.

What are you eating?

Have you ever gone on a crash diet and gained weight right after?


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