Diet Detox for 15 days? Here is the detox menu you were looking for

If you are looking for a detox diet, know that there is is for all tastes.

Short or long.

Charcoal or simple.

You just have to decide.

And this time I really exaggerated.

What I need is not a simpledetox diet, but adetox diet that last at least 15 days.

Well, then, if that's what you're thinking, in this article you will find thedetox menu che stavi cercando.

Unlike many slimming diets that aim to make you eat as little food as possible, the detox diet is much more than this.

A detox diet has, in fact, the main objective of making you recover, more or less quickly, a state of health and well-being.

This makes this | || 132speciale regime alimentare the best possible choice.

If you are tired, if you find it difficult to digest and you lack the usual energy, then follow these tips to recover shape and maybe, at the same time, lose a few extra pounds.


What can you expect from the menu of a detox diet?

When you decide to follow thisspecial diet plan, the types of foods and drinks you can take will be limited to7 days ormaximum 15 days.

During this time , which you will choose according to your needs, the diet you will follow has the purpose of getting rid of the toxins accumulated by your body to allow the cellular reproduction mechanism to get off to a great start.

The scheme to follow is not complex, rather repetitive indeed. All you have to do is have the patience to repeat, more or less, the same routine until the established period of days is completed.

A regular detox action will allow your body, especially organs such as the liver , the colon and the kidneys, to eliminate excess toxic substances and resume working optimally.

If you're out of ideas, inthis page you will find allfoods allowed for detox.

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As soon as you wake up

Every day you have tostart the day, as soon as you get out of bed, drinking a glass (15o ml) ofwarm water into which you squeeze a slice offresh lemon.

If you wonder because, the answer is simple: warm water with a little lemon kick-starts your metabolism and your digestion.

After about 20 minutes, drink 200 ml of fresh vegetable juice such as carrots, celery or beets.

Alternate the vegetable juices, each day after, with fresh fruit juices such as apples, pears, plums, pineapples, kiwis, etc.

You can also mix fruits or the vegetables together or blend them alone.

Drink slowly, enjoy the smoothie long enough to generate the right amount of saliva needed for optimal digestion.

Breakfast| ||198

Se dopo il succo di frutta (o verdura) ti è già venuta fame puoi fare una scelta di questo tipo: cru oatmeal and a cup of coffee.

Or you can take minced carrots with the addition of lemon juice, a littlelow-fat yogurt and a glass of water.

If you want, you can make breakfast even simpler by eating strictly seasonal fruit, preferably organic.

For those who don't have much time, you canuse protein bars.

However, stay away from refined foods and canned goods.


For lunch, prepare yourself avegetable soup which can be made up of any combination of vegetables and flavors to your taste.

A vegetable soup can be the main course or simply the appetizer. It is clear that in this case you will have to adjust the quantities accordingly.

At lunch, salads cannot be missing.

In the case of detox regimes, or diets of almost any usually, a plate of salad is never denied to anyone imagination is the only limit. All the green leaves, accompanied for example by garlic, turmeric, coriander, and cabbage can be right for you.

Le insalate infatti hanno un effetto disintossicante naturale pur consentendoti di assumere le calorie necessarie.

Quando si parla di insalate, la fantasia è l’unico limite. Tutte le foglie verdi, accompagnate per esempio da aglio, la curcuma, coriandolo, e cavolo possono fare al caso vostro.

Snack or mid-afternoon

The question of a correct diet is always the same, avoid arriving at the table hungry and for this reason, for the more voracious, the ideal is to have a snack, but really "ino", in mid-afternoon.

Here the choice is simple, a fruit, or even half of it is more than good, but avoiding oranges.

Maybe even a simple glass of green tea, orother slimming herbal teas, a cui non devi aggiungere però né zucchero, né latte.



For dinner, the precautions you must follow are somewhat the same as you followed for lunch .

Perhaps prepare a dinner based on brown rice.

As a "dish" you can prepare some cooked vegetables.

Remember to eliminate the cooked oil, but to use it raw only, and to completely eliminate the addition of salt.

I foods we eat have all the salt we need. Taking more salt than we need does nothing but harm us....

Alternatively, you can dine with legume soups, or salmon, tomatoes and baked potatoes.

Conclusions| ||257

Alternando questi alimenti, oltre che quelli indicated on this page, you can create amenu for adetox diet for up to 15 days. The benefits of thisdetox diet, although there is no scientific study that demonstrates its effectiveness, will be those of consuming non-industrially treated foods and drinks. With everyonethe benefits of the case=…..

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