Underestimating the importance of water is not smart because you he only has to not eat but also purify and throw away toxins, accelerating the metabolism, thanks to water.

Diet drastic weight loss: 4 science-based tips

We have all, who more who less, problems with our weight during our life.

The first rule we must learn is that our body is one and as such it must be treated well, without excesses, without mistreating it too much.| ||105

La seconda regola è quella per cui il nostro corpo è unico e unico e solo e dobbiamo renderci sempre conto di quali siano i difetti e i pregi del nostro corpo, delle nostre intolleranze e del nostro metabolismo, non seguendo una dieta qualsiasi ma una personalized diet like this one.

Today I want to give you 4 science-based tips.

4 consigli, appunto, sulla drastic slimming diet and if the speed of the diet and the resulting diet make good or bad for our body.

The 4 tips

Let's take a closer look.

1. Do not skip meals

Dieta dimagrante drastica 4 consigli basati sulla scienza: i 4 consigli

It is useless, really useless, not having dinner or lunch, fasting or trying not to eat so as not to swallow calories, just to lose weight quickly in a few days.

L’unica vera regola che ti permette di dimagrire è eat little and often, and not not eat at all.

Fasting is not necessary at all to burn fat and it just makes you very hungry.

2. Drinking water

Drinking less than 10 glasses of water a day is the most common mistake you can make.

Sottovalutare l’importanza dell’acqua è poco intelligente perché non si deve solo non mangiare ma anche depurare e buttar via tossine, accelerando il metabolismo, grazie all’acqua.

So no to carbonated drinks, full of sugars and empty calories, yes to water.

3. Yes to fats and sugars (moderately)

It's not really true that eating zero fats and zero sugars is good for you.

Fats and sugars, without exaggerating, they nourish the muscle tissue.

A diet that lacks fat burns protein and this depletes the muscles making us waste away.

So be careful to drastic diets, in fact, to those based on the theory that not eating anything for 3 days helps you lose weight.

Surely you waste away, losing weight is something else.

4. Sleeping a lot is good for you

Dieta dimagrante drastica 4 consigli basati sulla scienza: i 4 consigli

Hectic life leads us to have a somewhat difficult relationship with the night and with sleep.

We tend to sleep little and badly and this, despite not it seems, it also brings great difficulties in losing weight and in our metabolism.

Weight gain is attributable to lack of sleep.

So let's try to live our relationship with sleep well and let's get a healthy 8 hours of sleep.

There is nothing better to aspire to than a healthy wake-sleep rhythm.

Not sleeping to lose weight is useless, we must choose better habits and a better lifestyle.

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A drastic diet, a diet in which you try to lose weight in a few days, does not make any sense.

Ourmetabolism he needs good habits to perform his tasks at best, so no to the 3-day fasting do-it-yourself diet, yes to changing his life to give his best for himself .

No to the approximation, yes to the diet planned and followed by professionals in the sector.


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