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Every year, after the holidays, tomorrow is the last great moment of final binge with New Year's Eve, let's try to take care of our bodycura del nostro corpo, to detoxify it. We have already talked about detoxification with thedetox diet and with other purifying diets such as that ofwatermelon but in this case, as I always say when talking about diets lasting a few days, the results are conflicting.

We are, in fact, talking about diets that last from 3 to 5 days, which are quite restrictive in terms of food and which have a short life from the point of view of the kilos lost and the actual effectiveness. As you well know, I prefer a lasting controlled diet that actually works on our metabolism to change our food habits and that allows us to vary our diet so that we don't always eat the same things and to be careful with the condiments and with sugar.

=Today, however, I want to talk to you about a do-it-yourself detox diet that takes care of the various organs of our body anddetoxify them dopo una malattia o dopo un eccesso.

First things first. For the liver, in addition to drinking lots of water and apple juice without preservatives, it's excellent to vary and include bitter and wild herbs such as dandelion in the diet. Other indicated foods are carrots, celery, beets and rosemary. Among the spices, turmeric, cumin and curry are recommended.

Dieta disintossicante fai da te

As regards the intestine and the possibility of fighting harmful bacteria better, we are talking about apple vinegar, aloe vera juice and probiotic ferments. Cloves and some medicinal herbs such as artemisia absinthe are perfect for carrying out the task of protecting and reawakening the intestine.

We have already talked about the possibility of purifying our body with a semi liquid based on smoothies and soups but in this case I always advise you to seek medical advice before forcing your body with such a drastic and sudden change of diet.

There are also those who advises to change diet in case of direct contact and intoxication from heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury and therefore to embark on a diet based on vegetables and whole grains.

There is still that those who think that a do-it-yourself detox diet can be considered that of therapeutic fasting with only vegetable centrifuges from 1 to 3 days during a week. Another idea is that of raw foodism in which we ingest only raw elements that are not treated in any way with heat.

Dieta disintossicante fai da te

For candida, a widespread disease, the do-it-yourself detox diet presents the total absence of yeasts which favor appearance of bacteria.

In short, from what we have understood in all these months and articles, food is really important to feel good and it is clear that it can give a very important hand to our body to do its better. And have you tried doing something to detoxify your body?

And if so what have you tried? Write me in the comments, I will really want to read your experiences!

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