Diet flash: lose weight when you have a few days available

Sometimes we don't have I'm afraid.

We got organized badly, we postponed the start of a new lifestyle, or the start of the new exam….

Whendecidiamo di perdere peso we always think about the fact that it will take a long, too long time to get back in shape.

However, this is not really the case, we can consider the idea of a flash diet, a high-calorie diet that could, if followed to the letter, 10 kilos in 14 days, in half a month!

Curious, eh ?

I read about this possibility and I had a series of doubts, clear, it's not easy ilelose so much weight in such a short time. But it's possible, I can assure you that it's possible.

Following a low-calorie diet, preferring proteins and lean foods, drinking lots of water and detox herbal teas and starting, in the meantime, physical activity, even moderate.

You must remember, always and in any case, that food alone is never enough to lose weight but there is also always a need to do some training.

Before starting talk about the diet I'll tell you, briefly, about what could be a basic workout even for a sedentary person who hasn't got off the couch for years (I know, I know, everyday life is stressful, when you get back from work you just want to lie down and watch something on tv).

I don't say become a famous sprinter but walk, that's my advice. You might start leaving the car at home and walking to work. You could take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You could stop me at the metro station a little further from the office.

So let's start walking and in the meantime let's think about how to lose as many kilos as possible in a short time!

=So he can finally get inside that dress we got years ago and that we never managed to put on because we never lost weight in the meantime!

Flash diet 10 kg

Una lightning diet 10 kilos in 14 days and one can obviously think of doing so only by favoring lean foods with a very high protein content and a low amount of fat carbohydrates. It is clear that the fear of all these diets in which we take little time to lose a lot of weight, the real problem may not be so much that of a rigid diet regimen but that of maintaining the lost weight for a longer time. So before I put the diet scheme here, allow me to tell you something else about what should be the secret of all diets.

When we start thinking about ourselves and our way of living life we ​​should think on the fact that our job is to feel good, both inside and out, and to love each other. So no more junk food, fizzy drinks, days of doing nothing, too much alcohol and little sleep.

So we have to do something that remains, as teaching and as motivation for rest of life, we have to start eating healthy and taking care of our body.

So let's talk about starting to work on ourselves with an additional shock, a metabolic shock that causes our body to eat lots of protein and lose a lot of weight in a short time and then we talk, indeed we start talking, about a maintenance that must be the guideline of our whole life. Healthy food, fresh food, zero kilometer food, few mistakes, moderate physical activity and a great, great desire to know what we eat.

Information is everything, knowing which foods you can eat and which foods being able to combine is the only thing that really matters to have a good success in life and a fit body.

So let's start from this metabolic shock with very little fat and see day by day what can be a possible scheme and possible interesting combinations to eat and lose weight a lot in a short time.

The first day can start like this:

  • breakfast – a glass of fruit juice, strictly without sugar, and a couple of wholemeal rusks
  • lunch – a sandwich , about 80 grams, with 100 grams of raw ham
  • dinner – a slice of grilled meat with a lettuce salad dressed with a little oil

=The second day:|| |171

  • colazione: un succo di frutta senza zucchero e una tazzona di orzo
  • lunch: green salad with tuna and some shrimps
  • dinner: 80 grams of spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and a veil of parmesan

The third day:

  • breakfast: coffee without sugar and a low-fat yogurt with a handful of whole grains
  • lunch: small sandwich with a plate of bresaola with rocket and parmesan
  • dinner: grilled or baked fish with lightly seasoned salad

The fourth day:

  • breakfast: a fruit juice without sugar, 3 wholemeal rusks with a thin layer of jam
  • pranzo: verdura mista con pochissimo olio e un piccolo gelato alla vaniglia
  • dinner: a boiled egg and two small bruschetta with tomatoes

The fifth day:

  • colazione: un caffè con un cucchiaino di zucchero e un paio di fette biscottate integrali
  • lunch: a slice of pizza and a piece of fruit
  • dinner: a slice of chicken with a little salad

Repeat this diet in the following days. The results won't be long in coming.

Barbara de Rossi flash diet

Remember that wonderful transformation of Barbara De Rossi, the actress from The Octopus, who lost so much weight in a very short time ? Well, that too was a flash diet and today I am writing the guidelines here so it will be easier for you to follow the scheme.

As soon as she wakes up, the actress drinks a glass of water and another before of breakfast.

For breakfast: a cup of milk or low-fat yogurt; unsweetened coffee or tea; a slice of toasted wholemeal bread or a couple of wholemeal rusks

As a snack: a low-fat yogurt or a sugar-free cappuccino

For lunch: mixed salad with onions and a few cherry tomatoes and tuna natural

As a snack: orange juice or tea without sugar

For dinner: lettuce salad with turkey breast and a little radicchio

After dinner: detox herbal tea

With this scheme, the actress lost more than 32 kilos in a short time, in a very few months and with not particularly high efforts, as can be understood by reading the diet scheme well, and with a physical activity under everyone's eyes, as she is engaged in the Raiuno television program Dancing with the Stars.

Flash diet 5 kg in 7 days

You can also think of reducing half the weight you want to lose. One can also think, with the arrival of autumn, of following a diet based on soups, which being rich in water and fiber are perfect for the intestines and for water retention.

In this if we could eat a low-fat yogurt for breakfast with a couple of rusks with a veil of jam. For the two snacks, unsweetened tea or a detox herbal tea. For lunch and dinner, vegetable soup, rich in fresh vegetables, for the next six days.

This diet is guaranteed to lose weight , it is good after the first week to gradually integrate some bread and a little pasta. Then we move on to lean proteins for a more balanced diet.

Risks and contraindications

The risk of a crash diet is that of learning to eat poorly, with a diet in which there they are all the nutrients we need. The other risk, which I was telling you about earlier, is that if we don't have a minimum of attention, it may be possible that we will regain all the weight lost in such a short time in a short time. So be careful, with these diets, not to always eat the few foods we ate in the few days of the flash diet. So let's be careful with inserting all the foods immediately after the days of the diet but let's start thinking about which foods to insert first and gradually, continuing to do physical activity.


Ognuno di noi è una persona differente ma ognuno di noi sa benissimo quale sia il momento in cui mollare tutto quello che c’è da mollare (cibo spazzatura, etc, ect) e riprendere in mano la propria vita anche con una dieta lampo, rigida, per pochi giorni. Che bello che è avere a che fare con una dieta perfetta come questa, direte voi, perdo peso e poi resto di quel peso. Decisamente non è così facile, quello che dobbiamo cambiare, dopo la dieta lampo, è proprio il nostro modo di pensare le cose, di lavorare al nostro benessere in maniera costante. E proprio perché dovremmo amare il nostro corpo e la nostra mente per essere delle persone migliori e più felici dobbiamo imparare a mangiare bene e a sapere cosa stiamo mangiando.

So yes to the flash diet but yes to the flash diet with the awareness that you will go back to eating as before and you will have the same problems as before. Ten days are not a whole life, it doesn't take anything to get back what is lost, let's love each other until the end, let's work on ourselves, let's become proud of what we become as we take care of ourselves.

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