Diet for 10-year-old overweight children: here's how to proceed

With children joking!

If you believe that your child has weight problems, then contact an expert.

The following article is only intended to give you some references that you can take into consideration during a meeting with a professional.

Children of about ten years of age are small adults, kids to be trained both from an educational and scholastic point of view, butespecially from a food point of view| ||109.

In fact, many children, in this era of fast food and food everywhere, have serious overweight problems that need to be treated immediately so as not to run into tomorrow's obese people.

Then it is good to think of a balanced diet that immediately gives a turn to alifestyle that is not good for the child and also for the child's parents.

So, let's see together how to proceed to put overweight 10-year-old children on a diet.

whatever a diet could be for 10-year-old overweight children.

The diet for 10-year-old children

First of all we need to understand what is right for a 10-year-old child in the calculation of a whole day.| ||127

Certamente il bambino, poniamo un bimbo medio che va a scuola, studia e fa attività fisica, ha bisogno certamente di almeno 5 meals a day.| ||131

Cinque pasti che devono fare in modo che in maniera graduale ma decisa si debba cambiare stile di vita del bambino, togliendo dalla sua dieta tutto quello che è artificiale, che è grasso, che è troppo zuccherato.

And this is already an important first step, especially if the our puppy is used to eating lots of sweets, lots of fried food and carbonated drinks. The step forward, which seems almost superficial, is instead fundamental, because teaching children to eat fresh and locally sourced food is exactly what we try to instill in adults as well.

The first thing is to make a hearty breakfast, so that the child does not need a hearty snack and arrives at lunch with the right hunger.

Afternoon, then, another snack and a light and varied dinner.

In fact, the important thing is that there is always and in any case a variety of foods that are essential for the growth of the child and to support him in all the tasks of the day.

Let's see an example of a typical day:|| |144

  • colazione: latte con biscotti, yogurt con frutta, latte con i cereali o con il pane fresco, spremuta d’arancia con pane e marmellata
  • mid-morning snack: piece of wholemeal bread, seasonal fruit
  • lunch: a varied first and second course, such as pasta and tomato or with legumes or vegetables and a second course, of meat and o lean fish, with a vegetable as a side dish
  • afternoon snack: milk with biscuits, milk with cereals, fruit ice cream, pudding, homemade cake
  • dinner: a second course of meat or fish with vegetables

No to french fries, no to snacks, no to cured meats.


Working on the diet of a 10-year-old boy in full growth it is certainly not an easy thing, as evidenced by the articles published It is a diet that is based on a varied diet and important balances. Even more important, however, is to bring the child to a life change that makes him more active and pushes him to no longer eat fast food and carbonated, harmful and fatty drinks. So yes to health from an early age, educating them from an early age to know and learn about food.

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