The diet for irritable bowel syndrome (pdf), what you need to know.

Using drugs that suppress symptoms but are not the right way to find out the cause and permanently heal this chronic disease annoys me terribly.

The traditional medicine approach totreating irritable bowel syndrome is always something I am very skeptical about.

And this also concerns the topic I am about to cover in this article .

To dateIrritable bowel syndrome (pdf) has a still mysterious trigger.

And this is not okay.

My approach to life and the discomforts of disease and chronic always leads me to disagree with traditional medicine, if they are not able to heal the patient, and try to change, first of all,lifestyle and food to see if there are any benefits.

But first things first and beforeexplain to you the right diet for irritable bowel I want you to know, with me, what is irritable bowel syndrome and if you suffer from it without even knowing it.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a set of functional disorders of the intestine that lead to a series of rather serious chronic problems that start from asimple abdominal swelling to get to a continuous diarrhea, with abdominal pains, really excruciating .

It is a condition that women suffer more from and one can imagine being affected by it if we have these symptoms for more than 3 days in a month, let's say in the order of the last 3 months i (and these are the guidelines of the Roma 3 University on information brochures on the disease):

  • less than three evacuations a week
  • more than three evacuations a day
  • hard and caprine stools
  • soft or liquid stools
  • exertion during evacuation
  • urge to defecate
  • feeling of emptying incomplete bowel movements
  • mucus in stools
  • abdominal tenderness or distension

If you discover that you have one or more of these symptoms, it would be best to discuss them with your family doctor before starting more in-depth analyses.

The syndrome, like all chronic diseases, brings together periods of acuteness and periods of quiescence which make the life of a man or woman difficult and fluctuating are affected.

Some foods, more than many medicines that are only symptom relievers, are really capable of modifying the course of the disease in a positive way.

First of all we have to think about working on our body and transforming it into a healthy body.

Medical studies, in fact, have certainly found the strong influence of obesity on the onset of the syndrome. Also because the obese usually have high levels of insulin in the blood which lead to the spread of some tumors in the digestive system, including that of the colon.

Now let's see together what the diet and best dietary approach for patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

The right diet for irritable bowel syndrome

We must certainly give, at the beginning of this paragraph, a few lines guide that can establish what can be done to build a better body and spirit to endure and feel better.

The first thing I want to tell you is that the body must always be well hydrated, so drink always, every day, about two liters of water.

The second thing is to eliminate, completely or almost all, all the complex preparations and prefer simple cooking such as steam, the grill, the irons, the foil .

The third and most important is to approach a diet rich in f balanced burp, vegetables and cereals, which contains little red meat, considered rather dangerous for those who already suffer from intestinal problems.

Let's start with foodTOTALLY AVOID:

  • some sweeteners found in candies or chewing gum such as sorbitol or mannitol
  • =alcoholic and spirits
  • =coffee tea and carbonated drinks
  • fatty or fried condiments
  • mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard
  • chili peppers
  • broth or stock cube


  • legumes
  • vegetables that produce large amounts of gas such as broccoli and cauliflower
  • fruits that bring on flatulence such as raisins, apricots, plums
  • milk, especially if you are lactose intolerant
  • wholemeal products

ALLOWED foods:

  • water (at least 1.5, 2 liters per day)
  • bread, pasta, crackers, especially barley, rye and oats (very well tolerated)
  • =white meat, possibly, even horse occasionally due to the large content of iron
  • dairy products and yoghurt
  • aged cheeses such as Grana Padano DOP which does not contain lactose but only proteins
  • vegetables, especially carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, chicory

General rules:

  • eatchewing very slowly
  • do physical activity, from walking to cycling, from the gym to swimming
  • eliminating environmental stress

As far as diet is concerned, therefore the combination of foods allow me to give you some general advice.|| |243

Essendo questo tipo di dieta molto equilibrato cercate sempre di accoppiare questi alimenti mettendo un carboidrato con la verdura o una proteina con la verdura, con una dieta dissociata.

You could eat a first or second course at lunch and in the evening, prefer dairy products with vegetables.

Snacks, at least two between morning and afternoon, prefer fruit. Rich in fiber as it is, it will help you with the intestines and regulate it.

And always take great care in drinking the right things, never exceeding either with coffee or with fizzy drinks.|| |251

Vi prego, anche, di non bere alcool, è davvero dannoso anche perché tende a creare ulcere nell’intestino se esiste già una fragilità.


Living with a problem as serious and chronic as irritable bowel syndrome can be very debilitating. We are talking about a mysterious disease, in fact, of which we still know very little. And this causes traditional medicine to use palliative rather than curative drugs.

The only really interesting method to try to soothe the symptoms is to have a balanced diet with foods that do not cause inflammation yet stronger than the intestine and the entire digestive system.

Try to collect as much information as possible to always be aware of what we eat and how we eat.

There is however this which offers afree pdf in which it proposes the approach to this pathology in a completely different way.

And, above all, don't be sedentary, on the contrary, make sure you always do some light activity, even a nice walk around after lunch or after dinner, just to do not digest already lying on the sofa.

Learn to relax, life can be much more beautiful than that.

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  1. Based on its own research, Monash University has drawn up a list of more or less tolerated foods. It is very accurate.

    Kind regards 🙂

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