Dilip Kumar biography – Do you want to better know it?

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Dilip Kumar is one of the legend actors and if you are interested to listen to Dilip Kumar biography, then this article is just for you. Dilip Kumar was born on 11th December 1922. The original name of Dilip Kumar is Mohammed Yusuf Khan. In Indian cinema, he is popularly known as the Tragedy King. In the year 1944, Dilip Kumar debuted his first film known as JwarBhata. This movie was produced by Bombay Talkies. He worked almost in 65 films in Bollywood. If you are a big fan of Dilip Kumar and want to know about his personal and professional life, then you may choose Dilip Kumar biography.

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About Dilip Kumar personal life

This legend actor was born to a Hindko speaking Awan family and it was situated in Peshawar, Pakistan. He had 12 siblings. His father was a businessman and was handling fruit and orchards business in Mumbai and Pakistan. In the year 1930, his family was moved from Peshawar to Mumbai permanently. In the year 1940, Dilip Kumar left his family and he started his career with a sandwich stall in Pune. After that, in the year 1942, he came to Mumbai and met with Devika Rani (owner of Bombay Talkies) and he signed a contract with her company and he got from that company Rs.1250 per year.

Interesting facts about Dilip Kumar biography

Dilip Kumar Biography is always interesting because he undergoes many ups and downs in his life. In the year 1944, he was the first debut in the film Jwar-Bhata but he got a major hit in the year 1947 when he did Jugnu. He did this movie with Noor Jehan. He did many films and contributed a special place in the Indian film industry. In the year 1953, he becomes the first Indian actor who nominated and got a film fare Best Actor award for his role in the movie Daag. In his professional career life, he got a 7 times award.

Kumar’s personal life

In 1966, Dilip Kumar married actress Saira Banu. He did second married in the year 1981 but that marriage was over in the year 1983. Presently, he and his wife Saira Banu lived in Bandra. Dilip Kumar does not have any children. From Dilip Kumar biography also aware that he is fluent in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, and Persian, etc. His younger brother Nasir Khan was also a good actor. His 2 brothers died due to covid19 in the year 2020.  To know more details about this legend, you may search online biography or you may buy a book.


Who is the son of Dilip Kumar?

He had a son name, LalaGhulamSarwar. His mother's name was Ayesha Begum and father Dilip Kumar.

What is Dilip Kumar's age?

Presently, Dilip Kumar 97 years old

At what age Dilip Kumar get married?

During Dilip Kumar's marriage, he was 44 and SairaBanu was 22!

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