Diet customized slimming

Dieta personalizzata dimagrante

Do you want to lose weight?

So we must learn together to eat adequate portions, adequate sizes and keep the calorie ratio low.

Or at least right for our needs.

What I want to offer you is a personalized slimming diet, a personalized diet on line consultabile, un programma campione da cui attingere per le varie combinazioni di cibo, completamente free.

The diet,free va bene sia per men and women and will give an overview of the steps needed to create your own diet, your own diet plan.

Let's see how and full speed ahead! 🙂

Becoming familiar with food

The first thing is to learn to become familiar with food.

In this first phase we have to learn to recognize what is good from what is bad, the wrong combinations and those that we cannot do, that it is not recommended to do.

And then, last but not least certainly not least, the size of the portion.

Sometimes we find ourselves exaggerating without even realizing it, eating more than our body needs to assimilate.

This is the first step, we there will be other articles with diets of one week each that contain a different caloric ratio.

There will be the 1200 calorie per day diet, the 1500 one, the 1800 one and finally the 2o00 one, so that you can take and learn what you need based on what you really need.

If you don't know how many calories you need to assimilate according to your needs,utilizzate questo nostro tool gratuito.

How to plan a diet

First we have to create the diet going by steps that include at least 5 meals : breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.

The presence of the two snacks is very important, both mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

A snack does nothing but boost the metabolism more active after breakfast and lunch.

It doesn't make us feel too full at the two main meals of the day and in the meantime it speeds up our metabolism in making us burn fat throughout the day.

1. Let's learn how to eat

Dieta personalizzata dimagrante: come pianificare una dieta

Let's see in the four different diets which foods to put together to always eat healthy and to the best of our possibilities.

In the1200 calorie diet| ||161 il piano dovrebbe essere:

  • Breakfast: 1 protein + 1 fruit
  • Lunch: 1 protein or soup
  • Snack: protein bar or smoothie
  • Dinner: 1 protein + 1 starch + veg
  • Snack: 1 fruit

Now let's move on to1500 calorie diet| ||177:

  • Breakfast: 1 protein + 1 fruit
  • Lunch: 1 protein + 1 soup + 1 fruit
  • Snack: 1 protein bar or smoothie
  • Dinner: 2 proteins + 1 Starch + 2 vegetables
  • Snack: 1 fruit

Now let's move on to1800 diet calories:

  • Breakfast: 1 protein +1 fruit
  • Snack: protein bar or smoothie
  • Lunch: 2 proteins + 2 vegetables + 1 Starch or durum wheat + 1 fruit
  • Snack: 1 protein bar + 1 fruit or vegetable|| |204
  • Cena: 2 proteine + 1 amido + 2 verdure o zuppa
  • Snack: 1 fruit

2000 calorie diet:

  • Breakfast: 2 proteins +1 fruit (+ vegetables if desired) + 1 starch or grain or smoothie
  • Snack: protein bar
  • Lunch: 2 proteins + 2 + 1 Starch or grain + 1 fruit
  • Snack: 1 protein bar + 1 fruit or vegetable
  • Dinner: 2 proteins + 2 starches or soup
  • Snack: 1 fruit

3. We recognize portions and foods

Dieta personalizzata dimagrante: come pianificare una dieta

In the previous diagram I only indicated what should be the combinations of foods that don't make us fat.

Obviously, as you could see, we are talking about different combinations however different the daily caloric intake.

Let's look specifically at the macroelements I referred to earlier:

By proteins we mean foods with a low fat content and they are perfect because they give a lot of energy.

1 right portion is:

  • 250 grams of low-fat yogurt for breakfast
  • 85 grams of chicken for lunch or dinner
  • 100 grams of fish
  • 1 uovo.

For vegans or vegetarians, 125 grams of tofu are fine to reach the perfect portion of protein per day.

And as you have seen in this first part of the article for sure, protein is something I focus on to try to feel good, to lose weight with peace of mind.

For the fruit, the second fundamental element :

  • 80 grams of mixed cut fruit or berries
  • one medium piece for apple, orange or banana.

As a snack dried fruit is interesting and rich in fiber.

The last chance is that of a 100% natural fruit juice, but as long as they do it in front of your eyes who or that you are sure that there are no added sugars, because fruit juice is not healthy at all, it is as if we were drinking carbonated drinks, it only hurts, they are empty calories.

For  vegetables let's talk about:

  • everything is free, vegetables at will
  • no peas and corn because they are rich in starch (see starches)

Forstarches or whole wheat I mean:

  • 150 grams of cooked wheat (rice, pasta, quinoa, etc.), beans, lentils, corn kernels or peas
  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread
  • ½ potato
  • 2 tortillas of corn

As regards snacks we can think of aprotein bar which is which inside already has the perfect mix of ingredients that brings you that energy and satiety leap that we think can be used to give the right boost in the day.

Or we can think of a soy snack for vegans or 30 grams of cheese or fresh.

All these meals must be seasoned.

And please do not overdo it because it is essential to always be sparing with salt and oil, only two teaspoons for seasoning proteins and vegetables.

4. The importance of smoothies, bars and soups in a personalized diet

We must never forget how important it can be to have time for yourself and eat what's good for us, without wasting precious minutes and managing to feed us with an explosion of flavors and healthy food all at once.

So yes to soups, smoothies, bars.

Yes, you understand.

Why yes, you ask…..

And why does this type of solution lead to a certain type of result?

I'll explain it right away.

Potreste mai mangiare decine di vitamine estratte da verdure, proteine del siero o proteine non animali come quelle della soia, indicizzate scientificamente con zuccheri non trasformati e grassi buoni nello stesso momento?


Frullati, zuppe e barrette sono un perfetto missaggio di proteine, carboidrati, vitamine e sali minerali.

Eating them gives a crazy boost to our metabolism.

A smoothie side or a bar allow you to feed yourself and do it well in a few minutes.

So now it is possible.

Separate discussion for the soup: 40 calories basic, draining because it is liquid and therefore very useful for water retention problems, it shakes the metabolism with heat and with the vegetable fibers contained and, moreover, it is slow to digest, therefore it makes you fuller for longer.

Choose a soup, with selected vegetables, is the choice, indeed, the our choice.

5. Mixing the elements

Dieta personalizzata dimagrante: come pianificare una dieta

We are talking about macroelements as you could see, we are not talking about something random thatwe are not able to do.

Let's talk about everyday foods that we can safely mix, with a little time and a little patience.

In all the elements I have indicated, except those that are considered fatter like peas and corn, you just need to stick to the portions.

It's not easy, I know, to enter both the diet mindset and have the time to prepare perfect portions and perfect meals.|| |355

In questo caso posso dirvi c’è un modo che facilita di gran lunga la vita, ma di questo parlerò a tempo debito.

There are alternative meals and great products to trust and rely on, as I mentioned before, but we have to choose the best.

In general and specifically, all we want is to feel good and to feel good we must learn to love each other.



Do not be afraid to embark on the path of a personalized and slimming diet made especially for you, do not be afraid to be the proponents of your own destiny.

In questa dieta on line e gratuita, che va bene sia per le esigenze di un uomo che quelle di una donna, ci troviamo davanti all’essere padroni di noi stessi, delle combinazioni di cibo che fanno bene per noi, a essere in grado di preparare un pranzo perfetto o una bella cenetta leggera per restare in forma.

The various caloric needs from 1200 to 2000 are divided according to how much weight we need to lose and what kind of life we ​​lead: if we are sporty the 2000 calorie diet will give us the calorie intake we need, just as we need a 1200 calorie diet if we are very overweight.

Each diet will give you, as you already have seen in this overview, a great choice, without major restrictions.

The only thing really what we have to think about is how to feel better, how to choose the perfect mix of food that makes us feel good, how not to overdo the portions, without biting into that 2-kilo chicken leg but eating the right amount, waiting for satiety, without eating everything on your plate in a few seconds.

This diet is the praise of what makes us feel good, dispelling the myth that to feel good you have to go on drastic diets that you regret after a day and a half.

We must learn to eat, not fast, we must learn to take care of the products and foods we supply our bodies with, always remembering that we are unique and different.

Every time we find ourselves facing a diet we must always imagine that our body is one and only, that there is no one in the world who has the same defects and the same qualities.

So let's think to us, to how we react, to the foods that are good for us and to those that they hurt us, without worrying about others but thinking only and exclusively about how we are made.

Our personality, our body, our habits, this is the starting point and what we must change.| ||389