Lose weight pedaling? You can!

The swimsuit test is now over, passed or not, the he important thing is to keep yourself in good health.

The dilemma, however, is always the same: howlose weight without too many sacrifices?

If you like being outdoors and being in constant motion, then we have the right solution for you!

Cycling helpslose weight|| |111 perché stando seduti, la sella si fa carico di più del 70% del nostro peso, senza sforzare gli arti inferiori. Questo tipo di allenamento risulta perfetto anche per chi non è solito svolgere molta attività fisica. Dopo i primi allenamenti noterete che i muscoli saranno più tonificati, soprattutto quelli delle gambe. Una maggiore massa muscolare porta a un maggior consumo delle calorie e di conseguenza alla perdita di peso.

Other extraordinary beneficial effects of cycling are:

  • Good mood: after 30 minutes of physical activity, our body begins to release endorphins
  • Increased lung volume
  • Strengthening of the heart and reduction of pulsations
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • 50% reduction in the risk of cardio-vascular diseases compared to those who lead a more sedentary life

Prepare yourself a training program based on your needs. Going out several times a week for short trips will help you bring down your belly more easily and streamline your thighs and buttocks. 30 minutes a day is ideal to get started, without putting too much strain on your knees.

Once you've outlined your training plan, you'll need a bike. Maybe a racing bike, which you can find on sites like Bikester.it. We recommend this model of bike if your goal is to ride many kilometers in one outing, in this case you will need to maintain an aerodynamic position for as long as possible, which will also save you pedaling energy. If, on the other hand, you plan to go out by bike only once a week, you can also focus on a less competitive model.

If you want to do things right, we advise you to also equip yourself with suitable clothing. Shorts and a T-shirt are the basic outfit of every cyclist, whether they are professionals or beginners. When buying shorts, take care to choose a pair with a good pad, to stay comfortable in the saddle for longer. For T-shirts, we recommend choosing a cut that is somewhere between those that are too tight and those that are too loose. To complete the look, but above all for safety reasons, don't forget your helmet and gloves.

Drinking plenty of water helps to lose weight and keeps you well hydrated to face any physical activity. Always carry a water bottle or a water bag with you: the first for shorter trips not too far from home, the second for long excursions in the mountains. When water and mineral salts are lacking, the muscles begin to struggle more and that is why it is advisable to drink at least every 15 minutes.

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