Earth erectile dysfunction: remedies and cures for a serene sex life


When we talk about male sexual problems , we cannot fail to refer to erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is very important, however, not to confuse the two; the first is a dysfunction and consequently can be temporary and entirely occasional, while the second is a real disorder that lasts over time and requires a more particular therapy.

Male impotence or better erectile dysfunction is an erection disorder that does not allow the man to complete the sexual act and sometimes not even to achieve an erection for penetration, inevitably leading to discontinuous or unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. There are different types of erectile dysfunction. Some individuals manifest this disorder since adolescence (from the first sexual experience) and are unable to achieve an erection, consequently failing to proceed with penetration; others, on the other hand, manifest this sexual problem in certain situations of particular psychological or physical stress; usually, the latter manage to achieve an erection but fail to maintain it to complete the sexual act.

The causes of impotence can be of different types:psychological or physical, or both. Sometimes one affects the other, however, currently there are numerous cures of various kinds to solve such sexual problems. More in-depth information can be found on the website

When we refer to problems of a physical nature, they cannot but be mentioned all those disorders that affect blood circulation. Disorders such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and hypertension, by significantly influencing blood circulation, inevitably end up influencing blood pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis which allow for erection.

Indubbiamente, inoltre, finiscono per influire anche i fattori esterni e nocivi che immettiamo all’interno del nostro corpo. Il fumo, le droghe, l’alcol e l’abuso di determinati medicinali (ormoni, psicofarmaci, antidepressivi) possono comportare seri problemi sessuali soprattutto se ne si fa abuso reiterato e continuativo.

Serious illnesses which, on the other hand, inevitably lead to these sexual problems are degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, ALS and Parkinson's disease.

The most common treatments for these sexual problems are numerous, also and above all because medicines and science are developing increasingly advanced techniques to prevent and treat these disorders given the vast amount of people who suffer from them. In fact, 60% of the male population finds itself having to deal with this dysfunction at least once in their life (generally between the ages of 17 and 70).

First of all, if you want to solve this disorder, whether we are talking about erectile dysfunction or impotence, it is necessary to overcome the approach to this subject as a taboo. In fact, it must be recognized that it is a completely natural problem since it is linked to the psyche and body of each man. Once the topic has been addressed, it is good that you speak openly with an expert. Sexologists are currently more and more up-to-date and competent.

The sexologist will therefore proceed to outline a therapy together with the patient, to solve this problem and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Le cure potranno essere sia di tipo comportamentale che di tipo farmaceutico (ormoni, ad esempio, in particolare la prolattina ed il testosterone). Talvolta risultano molto utili anche gli integratori a base di sostanze naturali. Tra le più diffuse vi sono: l’Epidemium Sagittatum; la Maca e l’Arginina.

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