Pains abdominal pain, what can be the causes?

Abdominal painpossono essere correlati a vari stati patologici. The single subject who suffers from it can independently try to evaluate, at least initially, the reasons why the pain has developed. Sometimes it can simply be a symptom related to the meal that has just finished, digestive difficulties or even stress-related pathologies. In various cases, abdominal pain recurs with a certain frequency; it being understood that a consultation with your doctor is always a good habit, in some cases abdominal paincan be relieved using natural remedies or common over-the-counter medicines.

When abdominal pain should worry us

As with many symptoms, abdominal pain alsothe causes can be multiple|| |120. Si va dalla gastrite fino alle infiammazioni dell’appendice o a problemi intestinali gravi o cronici, come ad esempio la celiachia. Nel momento in cui il dolore è particolarmente acuto o ha una manifestazione molto frequente, o ancora non è transitorio ma permane nel tempo, il consiglio è quello di recarsi dal proprio medico. Se il dolore è particolarmente intenso è meglio correre al più vicino servizio di Pronto Soccorso, in modo da be able to get help from the health personnel. Our body signals to us, through pain, the fact that something is not going right, so it is better to ask your doctor for advice.

Remedies from the pharmacy

Some problems || |127correlate al dolore addominale sono ben note e conosciute, even by those who suffer from it. Gastritis is a very common pathology, but abdominal pain can be related to a very large meal, dysmenorrhea, a cold snap taken immediately after meals. In all these cases, or when you feel very slight pain, you can useanti-inflammatory drugs for abdominal pain. These are usually probiotics that act as regulators of the intestinal flora. If the pain is related instead to gastric problems, therefore it occurs in the upper part of the abdomen, then it is possible to use so-called gastroprotective drugs, which help the stomach function. Over-the-counter medicines are also available that help those suffering from dysmenorrhea,a disorder that manifests itself with a precise clinical picture.

Abdominal pain and digestion

In various casesabdominal pain is associated with digestion. Anyone who suffers from gastric or intestinal problems knows that some foods can favor the appearance of this symptom. For example, anyone with a diagnosis of gastritis or esophagitis knows that in certain conditions pain will tend to present itself. The same applies to all those who experience specific food intolerances and allergies, such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease. This type of diagnosis is made only after being subjected to specific tests, carried out by specialists. After the diagnosis we also arrive at a precise therapy, which may include drugs. An excessively large meal or the consumption offoods that can be irritating, such as spicy foods or other foods that are difficult to digest, can be among the causes of abdominal pain.

Further symptoms

As we have already specified, very intense pain orwhich persists over time indicates that it is appropriate to contact the health care professionals . The same must happen when together with abdominal pain there is vomiting, nausea, dizziness, dysentery that continue over time. This is because there are many pathologies that can manifest themselves with abdominal pain, some of which can be particularly serious and it will be necessary to carry out appropriate checks to obtain a precise diagnosis.

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