Women , here's how and why men lose weight faster

Women, if you ever thought you'd lose weight as fast as your brother, your husband, your father, just know it's a losing war.

And not because men don't try hard enough to lose that pound in a couple of days but because it will take you half a day longer.

It's proven, get over it.

Now let's see why.

And above all, here are some practical tips on how to obtain the same results....

Why do men lose weight faster

Donne, ecco come e perché gli uomini dimagriscono più velocemente: perché gli uomini dimagriscono più velocemente

There are two physical reasons.

Women have the them different hormones that certainly don't help in losing weight easily.

Secondly, men have the leanest body mass.

This means that their daily caloric needs are higher.

They can continue to eat a significant number of calories and still lose weight because it is their body that requires it, their muscles.

Men and women also approach problems differently .

Men are more rational, making use of the binary code they go straight to the goal.

Women are multitasking and doing many things at the same time can never be so focused on one goal only.

Practical advice

Donne, ecco come e perché gli uomini dimagriscono più velocemente: consigli pratici

The way you put your head into starting a diet is more than 70%.

Everything must be organized according toour needs and with the calm and serenity in starting something that is good for ourselves, with which we feel at ease.

Siate positive.

There's no need to hit the ground running and then flounder but you don't need to have negative thoughts.

You need to start out convinced that you're doing well.

Believe in yourself themselves.

There is nothing you can't do, keep your concentration high. Even if there should be moments of slowdown or boredom, never forget the focus of the situation and your primary objective.

Get to know yourself.

Every body and every mind is different, not think about the things that others think, think about yourself, about what you like to eat, what you like to do to learn how to exercise a bit.

Personalized Diet

Ogni donna ha bisogno di una dieta specifica, dimenticate di fare l’ultima dieta alla moda se volete dimagrire effettivamente. Consultate un nutrizionista che studi un piano alimentare specifico per voi, oppure utilizzate this form to get yours. With Vailo's Personalized Diet, you'll know exactly how many calories you need toyour desired weight.


Non pensiate che gli uomini non debbano lavorare sodo per perdere peso.

Even if it is easier for them to lose the initial weight, they usually have a block in the following months linked to the fact that they eat more and that the body settles on the calories you decide to eat, so it always burns the same number of calories and you witness a moment of stasis. always challenging yourself, until you reach your ideal weight and ideal psycho-physical condition.

Proprio per questo nelle diete bisognerebbe andare per gradi e per step così da restare sempre in sfida con se stessi, fino al raggiungimento del peso ideale e della condizione psico-fisica ideale.

To feel good you need to feel good with your body and mind, this is the true secret.


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