Epid : hydroalcoholic extract of propolis

Have you ever thought about treating winter ailments with the extract Epid hydroalcoholic propolis?

A great idea, withinfinite properties, from anti-inflammatory to antimicrobial, without stuffing our body with chemicals and heavy medicines.

Do you know what propolis is used for in nature?

Propolis is used by bees to prevent parasites from attacking the hive.

Propolis, after years of studies, has been found to do the same with our body andEpid propolis utilizza lo stesso principio per creare questo estratto completamente naturale curativo.

Migliori prodotti contenenti Epid Propolis

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Che cos’è la propoli?

Propolis was the first antibiotic ever discovered.

Used for over two thousand years, it has been at the center of traditional Egyptian medicine, Greek and Roman to treat wounds, lesions and burns from any infection.

Since then, peoples all over Europe have handed it down to treat acne, arthritis and any infection or injury of the body.

Modern medicine has continued to research and has found propolis to be incredibly effective against Staphylococcus aureus.

Staphylococcus aureus causes many post-operative infections, such as pneumonia or blood poisoning.|| |154

La propoli serve ad inibire queste infezioni.

Another study showed propolis' great ability to fight throat infections.

Still another found the propolis excellent for soothing eye infections.

Epid propolis extract is also excellent against colds and flu is perfect at this time of year.

Other studies have found that propolis helps prevent the formation of cancerous tissue in the colon.

Obviously we are not talking about a miracle, we are talking about the possibility, even minimal, of improving a critical condition.

Finally, propolis is a well-known antioxidant , so it helps fight free radicals inside the body.

I recommend using propolisalso as a supplement.

D’altronde, come qualsiasi estratto delle api, ha delle grandissime qualità anche come ricostituente.

By improving the immune system clearly, it allows a debilitated body to improve its condition more quickly.|| |176

Diciamo che la propoli permette di acuire gli effetti dei nutrienti che diventano ancora più nutritivi.

A diet balanced bratawith a propolis supplement is perfect for those who need a lot of energy, for those who need to feel immediately active as soon as they wake up, for those recovering from a bad flu and he needs to feel fitter, to feel more supported from the immune point of view and beyond.

Like all things that come from distant eras, propolis was considered a sort of magic potion. Even today I have to admit that it has an amazing effect on me. I use propolis eye drops very often, because my eyes are very sensitive to external agents.

And it has an immediate calming effect. And without using medicines. Epid propolis allows you to have a healing extract that is truly like the magic of a shaman, an antibiotic concentrate in a few drops of extract to always carry with you, like a real magic wand for our health.





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