Exercises to lose weight

Summer has arrived?

Insomma, direte voi, con questo cielo grigio e queste piogge costanti……

I know, maybe you are not in the summer mood yet but the holidays are upon us and we have to get back in shape.

The first rule is always that of a beautiful moment in itself in which we can imagine eating well and eating foods that are perfect for our body.

Our body is not that of someone other! 🙂

In fact, never trust those who are satisfied with the diet in the trendy newspaper.

Contact those who understand diets and who can help youreally.

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However today I would like to talk about a part of the body that we think little of but which is an important and aesthetically superlative part: the back.

The back is one of the least easy places to lose fat, which is why I recommend a series of exercises to do to lose weight on your back.

Let's see which ones and how 🙂

Esercizi per la schiena

Esercizi per dimagrire la schiena. esercizi per la schiena

There are several ways to strengthen and slim down your back at the same time.

Perhaps it is one of the parts of our body that we think little of from the point of view aesthetic but it is a very important part to try to harmonize our body in a complete way.

The first option is to go swimming.

Swimming is a complete sport which for posture helps the back to stay straight and to lose weight.

Then you can try cardio, half an hour of treadmill or stationary bike done well can do nothing but do you good.

And then we add to the exercises or even a healthy diet, which is the cornerstone of feeling good and doing exercises with a certain amount of attention.

Food, what we eat, is petrol for our body.

Aspettiamo sempre gli orari giusti e i cibi giusti.

I can't help but recommend an excellent protein bar before exercising.

Esercizi per dimagrire la schiena. esercizi per la schiena

Non lamentatevi di pagare poco un prodotto schifoso, pagate il giusto un prodotto buono, questo è chiaro.

The protein bar helps because there are all the nutrients capable of giving energy to our body without carrying us around some food.

Therefore targeted physical exercise thanks also to the help of a personal trainer who can also make you insist on resistance exercises on the ground, on the floor, which strengthen and streamline.


Don't be afraid to show your back, don't be afraid to think about how to get rid of that accumulated fat downwards.

We just need to ex exercises and improve our relationship with food to feel better about ourselves.

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