Extractors of juice: the best tool for the best juicing

Theestrattori di succo are today considered the best tools for extracting juice from plant foods such as fruit and vegetables as completely as possible.

As the Anglo-Saxon term says, the so-called | ||106“slow juicer” make an extraction by working the ingredients slowly, i.e. with a low number of revolutions per minute, so as not to develop heat and therefore without affecting the quality of the juice extract, which therefore has the same characteristics as completely cold fresh fruit and vegetables.

In a certain sense,the juice extractor the evolution of blenders and centrifuges should be considered, from which the extractors on the market today differ above all as regards the delicate processing of foods, which today, as is well known, is to be considered the best type of extraction to keep all the nutritional properties of plant foods intact.

The juice extracted with cold juice extractors, in fact, is to be considered a“ live juice”,that is, in which all the precious micronutrients contained in fresh fruit and vegetables are present in the most complete way possible, such asvitamins, mineral salts, enzymes and trace elements, important for every function of our body and to improve our immune defenses against seasonal ills and many diseases and ailments.

With a slow cold extraction, the beneficial properties and healing properties of fruit and vegetables are not affected and qu then they end up directly in the juice, the daily use of which can become a valid ally for the health and well-being of our body.

Whenwe decide to buy a juice extractor| ||125, la scelta non è sempre così semplice: le domande infatti che ci poniamo sono diverse, non ultime quelle che riguardano i prezzi juice extractors… | ||129

Ciò che vorremmo acquistare è infatti un apparecchio in grado di darci ciò che desideriamo, che ci sia d’aiuto nella nostra alimentazione e che abbia un prezzo contenuto. È possibile avere tutto questo dai modelli oggi in commercio?

Juice extractor prices: is it possible to buy excellent models at affordable prices?

A good method to start evaluating which model to buy among the many present on the market today, is to ask first of all what our needs are and what characteristics and functions we would like fromour "ideal" fruit and vegetable cold juice extractor.|| |137

In commercio, infatti, vi sono modelli di vario genere, il cui prezzo spesso varia a seconda delle caratteristiche specifiche.

An excellent resource where you can find technical information on juice extractors is Consiglidicasa.it, a portal entirely dedicated to our beloved slow juicers, where you can find all the useful information for purchasing and the best brands on the market , at the best price!

In fact, we find juice extractors that are more suitableto extract juice from certain types of fruit and vegetablesrather than from others, as well as extractors that can only be used to extract juice and others that can help us in the kitchen with various other functions, such as the preparation of baby food and baby food, ice cream, sorbets and desserts, as well as vegetable milk extracted from seeds and nuts.

Once we have clear what we would like from the juicer we want to buy, we have to startevaluating the various models that are on sale .

There are many companies thatproduce and c market excellent juice extractors, made usingthe most innovative technologies, which guarantee a healthy and genuine extracted product and good characteristics as regards the motor and the materials with which they are built.

Among these, some well-known Korean companies that produce and sell excellent cold juice extractors, which thanks to them have entered many families all over the world, such as Hurom, Kuvings and Coway, but many others are the companies (some , equally good and reliable, also Italian), who make juice extractors and offer their products online.

If it is true that there are very expensive professional models on the market, suitable for long periods of continuous work and therefore also indicated to be used for catering, such as for example in bars and restaurants, and which obviously can also be purchased to be able to make fruit and vegetable juices at home (their use is recommended, for example, if you wantto consume juices daily and their use must meet the needs of a large family), it is also true that on the market (and above all if we turn to the online market, which allows and often to take advantage of good offers that allow considerable savings) it is possible to find and buy for excellent prices quality juice extractors.

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