Drugs online, how to tell if it's reliable? The guide

Buying medicines online is an increasingly widespread trend, with many people choose to rely on web pharmacies to get medicines at lower prices and comfortably at home.

Online drugs, which pharmacy to choose

Buyonline drugs | ||107d’altronde può essere molto conveniente oltre che comodo. Bisogna però fare molta attenzione e scegliere una farmacia che sia affidabile e autorizzata, con prodotti originali e controllati. Le uniche farmacie che sono autorizzate a vendere medicinali da banco o senza l’obbligo di ricetta, sono quelle approvate direttamente dal Ministry of Health.

How choose the right e-commerce and not make a mistake? Medicines can be purchased online safely at Farmacia Uno, the online pharmacy most suitable for you in your search for well-being and health. Born in 2014, this online pharmacy has always had the goal of becoming an important point of reference in Italy. It succeeded thanks to a large catalog with selected products at advantageous prices, but also to an efficient assistance service and fast and safe shipments.

Commitment and professionalism have allowed Farmacia Uno to become the number one pharmacy of Italy online, conquering millions of people and helping them to respond to their needs.

 How does the online pharmacy work

How does the online pharmacy work? Farmacia Uno has thousands of products available, including parapharmaceuticals, medicines,remedies, supplements and medical aids. In the catalog you can also find products dedicated to pet care and personal dear. The list of products can be browsed easily using the various categories. While the customer service is always available to provide information and advice.

Why choose an online pharmacy? Without a doubt because it is much more convenient than the "physical" one. On Farmacia Uno, for example, you can find products in special promotion with a 70% discount. A real deal to take care of yourself and save money.

What are the drugs that can be sold online?

Those who approach an online pharmacy always wonder what they are medicines that can be sold on the web. The Law of 1 July 2015, following the European directive 2011/62/EU, liberalized the sale of medicines also online and without a prescription for all e-commerce that are linked to an activity that has a physical presence in the area and is authorized to sell. After having demonstrated the presence of the requisites, the request for authorization is made to the Competent Authority of one's own region or autonomous province. The fulfilments required by law must also be followed, including the affixing of a national identification logo that will go on the site and the registration of the Ministry of Health.

Parapharmaceuticals can be bought in online pharmacies, medicines that do not have a prescription and those over the counter (therefore SOP and OTC). This is due to the fact that self-medication drugs are used to treat ailments and symptoms that are minor and are only used for a very short period of time without necessarily requiring medical intervention.

So, summarizing, we can say that the online pharmacy can sell:

  • Medicines that do not require a medical prescription;
  • over-the-counter drugs;
  • parapharmaceuticals, supplements and cosmetics;
  • all homeopathic medicines;
  • medicines dedicated to the care of animals for which it is not necessary to have a medical prescription;
  • sanitary accessories and various medical devices.

No authorization is needed for the sale of other items that we can find in online pharmacies, i.e. supplements, health accessories or cosmetics. All products can be purchased without any problems and at affordable prices.

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