Smoothies of Vegetables for Weight Loss, they are prepared like this

Smoothies a go-go.

We've already talked about it, haven't we?

The The problem, or the beauty of smoothies, is that there are so many things to say and tell and that's why I decided to publish this new article.

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to to feel fit, without daily stress, finally happy in being well?

There are moments in life when the only real question to ask yourself is if you love yourself, if you  are aware of what better for us and that we are human beings, all different.

Being aware of the difference and of one's strengths and weaknesses is the first rule for starting a personalized diet based on our real needs.

A nice summer idea, today is the summer solstice take out your swimsuits, is to feed yourself for a few days, to lose weight with nice vegetable smoothies , a truly explosive possibility to eat healthy and losing only 5 minutes.

Let's see how to do and what to do with these so good and so healthy smoothies!

Recipes to feel fit

Frullati di Verdure per Dimagrire, si preparano così: ricette per sentirsi in forma

Smoothiessmoothies for weight loss are a wonderful idea.

Just have a centrifuge or a blender and let yourself go for 5 minutes of pure joy in preparing them.

The choice of making slimming vegetable smoothies is perfect for our body, a detox diet within reach of a smoothie! 🙂

Vegetables are rich in mineral salts, vitamins, antioxidants, but above all in fibers which are perfect for regulating the intestines and our body, as well as giving a perfect state of satiety for a long time , as fibers are slow to digest.

Here are a few recipes that are great for helping our body feel better.

You can start with a ricetta contro la ritenzione idrica with a centrifuged apple, pineapple, fennel, celery and carrots.

Then for the intestine: lemon, watermelon and cherries

For stomach: pear and fennel

Cons la gastrite: cabbage and apple

For kidneys: asparagus and tomato

Can we be cured with food?

Frullati di Verdure per Dimagrire, si preparano così. ci si può curare con il cibo?

It's not just the grandmother's remedy, food can be curative and can make you lose weight. These are not words thrown in the wind, the nutrients that are present in vegetables but also in animal proteins, for those who are not vegan or vegetarian, are perfect for helping us to cure ourselves of small daily annoyances or to prevent the appearance of diseases due to what we eat like heart failure, obesity or type 2 diabetes.

We need to purify ourselves, to lose weight, to be at peace with our body and with our life.

Conclusions| ||163

Avete voglia di buttare via un po’ di chili e tossine?

Then it's time for a nice vegetable smoothie that is specially designed to drain and lose weight.

We mustn't be afraid to finally think about ourselves, after days and days thrown after work, stress, home.

A moment just for us, in which we want to feel at peace and happy only with ourselves, different and unique as we are.