Glutamine before bed: supplement with multiple benefits

There are many ways to fall asleep at night if it doesn't come so naturally.

When I was little they taught me to count sheep.

But if this system doesn't work for you, then we can refer to products like what I'm about to tell you about.

Have you ever takenglutamine before falling asleep? Nowit's a supplement that's good for so many things, let's find out together!

Glutamineglutamine is one of the many amino acids present in our bodies and used for building muscles.

The nutrient plays an important role in our health and is processedalso in food supplements in the form of powder to add to smoothies and drinks.

When we undergo muscle stress, the need for glutamine becomes greater, therefore the body is asked to produce a sufficient quantity .

Which rarely happens in the short term.

The lack of glutamine causes mental fatigue, a worsening of the functioning of the nervous system caused by dehydration of the muscles.


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What is glutamine used for?

I advise everyone to start thinking about using glutamine food supplements to improve many functions of our body.

Do you want to know which ones?

1. Improves the immune system

The immune system essentially depends on glutamine for its energy needs: a lower production of glutamine weakens the immune system making us more vulnerable to disease. The cells of our immune system also depend on glutamine to fuel the metabolism that is needed to improve our physiques, minds and emotions. I recommend food supplements, to improve the level of our amino acid, especially after an illness, after a surgical operation, after an injury.

2. Record recoveries

When you often work with muscles, such as athletes and sportsmen, it is very easy for these muscles to need a pit stop, after an injury or injury. And we also know that, especially at a professional level, it is important that recovery from injuries is fast and at the same time optimal. Glutamine powder supplements are administered for this very reason, to heal the lesion faster and to speed up recovery. Studies have proven that a constant use of supplements also allows you to significantly reduce the risk of post-surgery infections.

3. Increased growth hormone and reduced injuries

Growth hormone helps improve and strengthen muscles, while also reducing the possibility of incurring recurring injuries. Glutamine supplements have the ability to increase growth hormone levels by 400 percent. What I would like to say is that the more one goes on with age the more the natural production of glutamine decreases, with consequent loss of muscle mass and increase in body fat. The consumption of supplements decreases the reduction of glutamine and prevents muscle loss and the reduction of injuries during athletic training.

4. Mental Benefits

Glutamine is present in our brain, intestines and smoother muscle areas. This amino acid is crucial in building muscle and also in maintaining its power and health. But not only that: glutamine is the dominant amino acid in brain fluids. Having a constant production of glutamine allows you to regulate brain functions at a constant rate.

5. Healthy digestion

Glutamine helps to digest food more easily and a good food supplement can help regulate intestinal transit. As I always say, a food supplement is not a meal replacement but a balanced diet can be integrated with a good supply of glutamine which helps us in the gastrointestinal tract.

6. Skyrocketing Energy

A good amount of glutamine in our body allows us to have high levels of energy both in our body and in our brain. This amino acid serves to keep glycogen high, which is a polysaccharide, which creates energy reserves. Scientific studies have proven that a high level of glutamine also allows our mind to improve its performance in an incisive way.

7. Help during cancer treatments

Here we are not talking about miracles, glutamine does not cure cancer but it helps, significantly, to improve resistance to the side effects of treatments, giving a certain energy, a better digestion and also a greater resistance to infections which can happen more easily in a body debilitated by such strong cures.

8. Aid in HIV treatments

Glutamine does not cure HIV, as in cancer, but it helps in the course of the disease, especially by strengthening the immune system and helping the patient in possible weight loss, which it is most likely species with rather powerful cures to fight off the disease. As some of you know, AIDS also causes lesions, more or less serious, on the skin and also in this case glutamine helps in healing.

9. Glutamine before sleep

Let's get to the last reason why it is very good to integrate an already balanced diet with glutamine supplements: glutamine fights insomnia. How does it fight insomnia?

Because by helping the cerebral flows it manages to make even the moment of rest more invigorating and easier, bringing our body to be naturally more relaxed for sleep.

Insomma, avete capito: non stiamo parlando di un miracolo ma stiamo parlando di un aminoacido fondamentale per far funzionare al meglio il nostro corpo e la nostra mente. Proprio per questo motivo sono ben felice di consigliarne l’utilizzo, sotto forma di integratore alimentare, soprattutto nei periodi di maggiore stress, sia fisico che mentale.

My advice is to always keep the production of glutamine to be more efficient and more responsive. Anything that helps you reach a higher level of well-being is what I'm most interested in showing you. Many of us do not have enough information to take proper care of our bodies.

There is too much indifference, too much stress, there is no time to take care of ourselves. Slow down for a moment, inform yourself, start thinking of your body as a machine that needs a special fuel, such as glutamine that raises our performance to an unimaginable level. So think of supplements as a concrete help to live your life to the fullest, this is what I would like you to think about, to improve your life and certainly be happier.


Named L-Glutammina - 300 g Integratore di Glutammina NUTRA RISE


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