Guide To Building Broken Weblinks: Step-by-Step Process 

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The most powerful and influential link-building strategies are those that may assist you in obtaining high-quality, thematically applicable backlinks from those other web pages to your own. Broken link building is a tried-and-true approach to use in your link development plan.  

You might be wondering what exactly is a broken link. 

A broken link is identified by its inability to function as intended, leading to a Page Not Found (404) error message. Broken link building is an admirable strategy that entails creating backlinks to your very own repurposed content rather than 404 error pages on other websites.  

Locating broken links and seeking out the website administrators with a resource you’ve generated to replace a broken link is known as broken link building. It may be an effective link-building tactic because you assist the website owner while also gaining a link to your website. Broken link building is a pretty simple idea that can be broken down into a few easy steps.


How to Make a Broken Link Building Service Work for You 

Now that you understand broken link building service and why it’s a powerful off-page SEO practice, let’s look at how you can construct this plan for your niche or brand. Broken link building strategy has three main components: 

  1. Looking for broken backlinks. Involves locating websites with two characteristics: one is a site you’d like to link back to, and the other is a broken link.  
  1. Create new material to replace the old. Create or repurpose material that corresponds to the referenced resource. The content must be a seamless and meaningful substitute for the connected data. 
  1. Make contact with the website owners. Find the ideal person to contact at the website and present your substitute material to them. 

Let us review simplified tips for each of the broken link-building tactic components. 

Locating Broken Backlinks 

This broken link-building stage is divided into two sections. To begin, you’ll need to understand how to locate and verify sites that may offer excellent backlink prospects. Second, you should test for broken links on the websites you come across. 

Broken Backlinks: What to Look for 

Broken links may be found all over the internet. Instead of attempting to obtain as many connections as possible, it is preferable to concentrate your efforts on bringing the right sorts of backlinks–those that will be most beneficial to your marketing strategy. 

The best websites you can use to find the most relevant broken backlinks have the following four characteristics:  

  • They are highly authoritative websites such as .gov or .edu sites. 
  • They are websites that are frequently visited by your target audience.  
  • They are your competitors because of their brand or niches.  
  • They have tons of external links. 

To obtain links on sites that your target audience frequents is advantageous since it allows you to reach and generate traffic from your intended visitors and customers to your site. Use Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool to identify and find comparable sites your intended audience frequents. Enter the URLs of your website rivals who have the audience you’re looking for. You can then use the results to create your list of competitors in your niche that is most relevant to your marketing goals.

Tools such as Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, which has more than 2 trillion external backlinks, are helpful when it comes to discovering broken pages with lots of backlinks.  


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You can then use the Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker to analyze your list of authoritative, competitor websites in your niche.


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Creating New Material to Replace the Old 

Understanding what the dead/broken web page was really about is the first step in producing relevant content. You obtain insight into exactly what and why someone selected to connect to the previous article by learning this. The Wayback Machine at is the best way to understand the content in the broken link. Enter the URL of the dead/broken page in the Wayback Machine to view the content material before it was taken down. 


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The advantage of using the Wayback Machine is that no guessing determines what previously available information. You can figure out what someone is connected to and make an educated explanation of why. You must be aware of this since you must now choose between two options: 

  1. Identify a page on your site that already goes into great detail about this subject and might serve as a suitable replacement link. 
  1. Create a fresh piece of web content on your site that serves the same purpose as the broken link. 

It all comes down to providing a compelling reason for the website owner you are about to contact to replace the broken link and demonstrate that your site’s material is just as excellent, if not superior to the original. 


To Wrap Up 

Once you’ve created the alternative material for a site with a broken link, you’ll need to get the publisher’s attention and persuade them to replace the broken link with yours. 

Broken link building is a win-win SEO strategy that allows you to obtain links to your content by exploiting pages deleted by your competitors. Although the website owners or publishers may not always replace the broken link with your functioning link, they are more likely to review and reply to your outreach emails. Use the techniques in this piece and other SEO tools to help you with your backlink analysis and broken link building plan.  


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