Contraindications and comments on Herbalife. Does it hurt or does it really work?

Non mi dire che non hai mai sentito parlare di Herbalife….

Actually, I already know the answer since you're reading this article.

Then maybe you're wondering if | ||107Herbalife funziona davvero o se Herbalife fa male.

Well, let's try to figure it out, together.

Here I take the liberty, then, to help you because as far as it's about diets, I've really tried a bit of everything.

I'll also tell you about the possiblecontraindications, the prices of theprodotti sostitutivi of the meal and the opinions of those who actually tried it.

So are you ready for this trip?

Let's go!

What is Herbalife

Best Offers List HerbaLife Products

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Herbalife was born in the United States in 1980.

At the timeMark Hughes he sold his weight control products directly from the trunk of his car.

In the first 5 years of activity, the company becomes international and is listed on the stock exchange.

At present, after almost 40 years, the company is present in more than 90 countries with an annual turnover of more than 5 billion dollars.

The good starting point of the company is that it is based on principles of agood nutrition and on the ingredients that are contained in the products that have an excellent supply of nutrients.

The products, which we will discuss later, are the result of scientific research

The starting point for the development of each new product is made up of two factors: the fundamental principles such as good nutrition and ingredients with a balanced supply of nutrients.

Moreover, Herbalife prides itself on the fact that what is stated on the label is what is contained in the product.

The strict specifications of purity of the product is then checked in the laboratory.

The Scientific Committee for Nutrition is at the basis of the commercial activity and research of new products.

All products are respectful of the strictest national and international quality control procedures. This advisory committee boasts, among others, a Nobel Prize.

Precisely for this reason, the products are all certified.

We have:

  • replacements of the meal, such as Formula 1 shakes
  • sweet or savory protein snacks such as soy nuts
  • vitamin and salt supplements such as Formula 2
  • protein preparations such as Formula 3

We will then look at them specifically in the appropriate paragraph.

Does Herbalife work?

As always, on the web, we talk about opinions rather than disagreements. There are those who say that most Herbalife products are useless drinks and those who say that instead they could no longer do without them. There are those who say they have lost more than 30 kilos and those who have lost 3 kilos in two weeks.

Do you really want to know if it works?

You need to understand how you are deciding do this diet if you are following alow calorie diet and if you are trying to maintain a low protein regimencomplementing it with Herbalife products.

This is the real reason why a diet works or not, it is in the balance that is created between the products you will use as a meal replacement, as a snack, as supplements and the dishes you will prepare you.

It is clear that if we are faced with a rambling diet, with very abundant dishes and meal replacements, our body will never find the right balance to improve its metabolism and change lifestyle to always.

You have to change your mind, this is the real revolution, what will come of it will be the real change.

You need to inform yourself, know what you eat and how much and when you eat.

You also need to know why to use one Herbalife product rather than another, this is the real turning point, the knowledge, the 'information.

Herbalife Prices

The prices, with such a high quality of the product itself, are not very low. But we must also think that the quantities of the product, then divided day by day, mean that a meal costs 3 or 4 euros.

The Formula 1 smoothie mix costs 46 euros.

21 euro il preparato di proteine Formula 2.

The supplement 38 euros.

In short, this is just to let you make a quick calculation of what the expenses may be at the moment in which you decide to take this step and consult a coach to start this controlled dietwith the addition of Herbalife products.

Herbalife products|| |244

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Il primo di cui vorrei parlare trai i prodotti herbalife è Formula 1, il preparato sostitutivo del pasto che puoi trovare su questo Shop Herbalife. Let's talk about quantity: 2 tablespoons to mix with skimmed cow's milk, rice milk, soy milk, water, whatever you prefer. The flavors are: Vanilla, Strawberry or Tropical Fruits for a fresh and creamy taste - Cocoa, Cream and Biscuit and Cappuccino, Toffe Mou Apple and Cinnamon (all together) or the classic English Mint and Chocolate or Raspberry and Blueberry.

The second product I would like to tell you about is Formula 3, the protein supplement. It contains, inside, soy and whey proteins which serve to improve the sense of satiety and increase lean mass if they are integrated, precisely, in a low-calorie regime with a little physical activity, which if c It's always good. Even better.

I would also like to tell you about toasted soy peanuts which are perfect as asnack and are excellent for maintaining muscle tone.

Then there are products, such as the aloe one, which are for skin nutrition, to stop free radicals and nourish the epidermis making it more nourished, in fact, therefore younger. It is especially excellent for wrinkles.

Prodotti Herbalife

Herbalife contraindications

Herbalife controindicazioni

There are various contraindications found in the Herbalife diet.

Already losing 3 to 7 kilos per month, which is what the daily use of the products promises, could lead to a too sudden loss of muscle mass.

There are also those who say that it could be bad forpregnancy and breastfeeding, causing thyroid problems, even quite serious ones.

It is also contraindicated for the liver and kidneys (such a high-protein regimen could still be quite heavy in the long run) .

And be dangerous for those who already suffer from diabetes.

The Israeli health ministry conducted an investigation years ago after a scandal related to serious liver problems affecting 4 people who used the Herbalife regimen.

Herbalife opinions and comments

Herbalife opinioni e commenti

Comments, opinions, are always affected by what is then the path of each one.

Many complain about the fact that the price can be considered high but if you spend some time on the official site you can perfectly understand the level of perfection and research that is used to give the best possible product.

If all this were to correspond to reality, it is also clear that the product is very accurate and therefore costs a little more than a normal over-the-counter product. The comments, then, on the quality and validity of the product vary a lot based on one's own experience, of course.

And there are those who say they have lost little and those who say they have lost a lot of weight, who says the products don't work at all, and who says the products work great. But as in all products in which there is a need not for a miracle but for nutrition to support the products that are suitable, what the subject does to feel good is also very important, how he eats, what he eats, how much he eats, whether he does physical activity , how much does it do, how.

And yet, all doctors, nutritionists, professional personal trainers say this, it would be enough to walk about 40 minutes every two days, at a normal pace, to already find the first benefits.


Herbalife yes or no? Herbalife yes based on what we can do, what we want to do to change our lives.

Herbalife alone does nothing, it's useless. Herbalife in a low-calorie regimen and taken not in abundance but with the right dose prescriptions could help because it contains all the right nutrients in the various products. Herbalife, on the other hand, in just under 40 years has become a colossus of the wellness industry.

And this does not happen by chance. It happens for Mr Hughes he believed it, because the products worked, because it is not possible to be stationary for 30 years in 90 countries of the world if there are no qualities. But you have to be able to understand your body, you have to be able to manage your body, your qualities and your needs.

Why am I telling you this? Because it's easy to spend money without having the strength to understand that you should spend time on your mind, not just money.

Because you should change your lifestyle before ingesting even quality products. Real change is what we decide to do every day, from the moment we understand that the time has come to improve physically and mentally. But true strength, true well-being, the success or failure of a diet or maintenance comes from the desire to be that change. So yes to products, to a trial, to a diet, to a choice, but yes to a change of will and diet.

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