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Hero Travel, the next-generation of B2B, is SAAS travel agent software for tour and activity resellers, travel agents and resellers, worldwide. It is an all-in-one booking, ticketing and payment platform. Hero travel gives you to easy to research products, like that description data page.

It allows streamlining reservation operations of businesses without the requirement of multiple systems. It will supercharge your sales. For improving the sales process, it provides companies with end-to-end reservation management tools from the management of suppliers to alterable digital quotes.



Quotes, process automation, analytics, reporting, a travel plan builder, payment processing integration, fast confirmations, and order management are some of its features.


Quotes, tickets and receipts

Hero’s travel management platform permits the creation of individualised travel plan with the help of an integrated plan maker and set custom rates for activities.

For viewing programs online, send your customer’s individualised quotes, with the product’s image, description, and other important information. Electronic tickets and receipts and booking operations, are generated automatically and sent within a few seconds.


PCI-secured customer payments

Hero travel permits the sending of PCI-secured payments through Hero’s online booking or via any POS system with its Square and Stripe integration. Merchant can also accept payments through the pre-existing facilitates, through cash, gift vouchers or charge to the room.


Automating accounts and payments

It disburses agency commissions, supplier payments, and remittance statements by ETF. In this way, businesses never need to worry about bank checks or invoices. Having live availability on various products assures you possess up to date information at aid.


Online selling

You can integrate your app and website with agent facing API. Or you can use it’s selling widget which is compatible with Square space, Blogger, Joomla, Word press, Wix, Drupal, Magneto and many more. They have a massive variety of suppliers they operate with an are continuously finding new excellent products.

Relation with supplier

Through enabling lightening-fast ‘live’ bookings, automated payments on time, special reports every time, it makes your relationship with suppliers better. Special offers and a special commission can be set by the suppliers, especially for you.



For delivering ‘live’ agent bookings into manifest directly, it combines with existing reservations software. It is connected with Respax, CheckFront, Rezdy, Zaui, CustomLinc, SiteMinder andFareharbor and more. Agent responsibility decreases with hero travel.


Security and Refunds

Safeguarded and securely stored funds are the responsibility of Hero travel. Payments are disbursed in a weekly payment cycle automatically.



By the end of this blog, we understand how hero travel can supercharge your sales. With Hero, customers paying for booking in advance, enabling Hero for process payments faster and refunds to suppliers. In Hero, these policies are configured easily.

For connecting with new retail and resellers and online travel agents in the local area, out of town or worldwide list your products on Hero. For every agent who books with you, you receive the contact details and name. And this enables making contact, building relationships and growing bookings.


Is it challenging to work with Hero?

Moreover, it is easy to work with. It is easy to understand too. The system is self-explaining. The option of the search for departure dates and locations is helpful also.

How is the support of Hero travels?

The support facility of Hero travelsquick. It provides support through live chat or email. They are quite responsive. The support is available 24/7.

Are there any cons of hero travels?

Not so much. But there are few just like it opens a quote always when you are looking for products.

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