I stopped with soups, because frankly I can't take it anymore

Now, before get an avalanche of vitriolic comments I'm the first to admit that soups are a perfect way to eat the right portions of vegetables.

It's an easy way to gobble up as many vegetables as possible, our body certainly will be able to find benefits in no time, that's the truth.

It is also one of the most popular ways to lose weight, which allows you to get all the nutrients without starving with those scary fasts that every now and then they push us in the newspapers.

Let's be clear: I'm not saying at all, as you are noticing, that this thing hurts, indeed.

Basically, you have a couple of ways to get your veggies in for the day:

1. you can become a salad addict by chewing a mountain of greens with every meal

2. you can spend 200 euros a month on organic vegetables alone and a couple of hours a day to prepare our beautiful soups.

Ho smesso con le zuppe, perché francamente non ce la faccio più

In fact, it is necessary:

  • to have a good job because annual expenditure for organic vegetables is around 4000 euros a year
  • time to cook at least a couple of times a day
  • live in a nice place because you have to find organic vegetables a kilometer away zero
  • a lot of patience in cleaning, peeling, mincing, washing a lot of vegetables
  • being able to obtain a decent dish that tastes of something and not just grass|| |130

Il problema è che anche tutta questa attenzione potrebbe non bastare perché ci sarà sempre qualcuno che vi dirà che cuocendo le verdure perderete le sostanze nutritive.

As well as someone else who will tell you that vegetables they are no longer as nutritious as they once were because the soils are depleted.

And they will also tell you that there is a need to supplement what we eat with a multivitamin inico because otherwise we will always have deficiencies from the point of view of our body.

In short, how can all this be overcome?

We need to rely on quality products and companies, which produce soups to consume at home while preserving those that are the true nutrient elements that are found only in untreated vegetables.

Ho smesso con le zuppe, perché francamente non ce la faccio più

I found it and discovered that a bag of soup costs me a little more than 2 euro.

And, above all, it contains only products that are tested from harvest to drying and then move on to the moment in which they become sachets to be dissolved in soy milk if you are intolerant or vegan.| ||145

Ecco come si può cambiare la propria vita in soli cinque minuti.

And this is what we must aspire to.

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