How much is a gram of pure Liquidizer?

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As a rule of thumb about one gram of concentrate needs to be treated with 2ml of wax liquidizer, anything above or below this won’t lead to the promising results in terms of flavor and composition of the vape juice.

Wax liquidizer is the next best thing when it comes to finding an alternative to vape juice. Many vape enthusiasts out there are already using wax liquidizers for the sake of developing their own vape juice. It is more convenient economically as the vape juice prepared at home using pure concentrate and wax liquidizer costs only 1/10th of the store-bought vape juice and it is as good as what’s being sold on the fancy store aisles.


How to prepare vape juice at home?

All you need is a wax liquidizer from a solid brand and you can buy the small bottle, to begin with as you only require a minute concentration per batch. Other than that you require the concentrate itself it can be from the cannabis plant or something else solidified and ready to be liquidized.

Have a shot glass ready and add in 1 gram of the concentrate and 2ml of wax liquidizer. It is important that you get by this specific concentration for the wax liquidizer and the concentrate as this way you will get a solid flavor at the end and a more homogenous blend overall. Don’t try to formulate vape juice in additional batches such as trying to increase the concentration of the wax liquidizer and the concentrate so you can make it in bulk because this way the consistency in the taste and flavor is completely lost and what you will get is a smoky and arid vape juice that is no good to anyone.

When you have added both the wax liquidizer and the concentrate into the shot glass, try to mix it up and break the whole thing into slightly medium chunks. Now keep the shot glass in the microwave and turn it on for about ten seconds. After that take the shot glass out and stir it with the help of a middle-sized spoon, you would see that the concentrate starts to deteriorate and mix into the wax liquidizer and a thick and viscous blend is formed.


Now you have your vape juice ready at home, stick it into a vape device, and take a few hits and you would see that it is every part as good as the store-bought vape juice. As an added bonus you can also store this concentrate and it would last about six months if you keep it in an airtight bottle.

Nature of wax liquidizer

Wax liquidizer is made from a careful blend of propylene glycol and mineral oil, propylene glycol is used in many chemical processes such as the manufacturing of cosmetics products and its sole purpose is to ensure that two different elements remain intact with each other and don’t disintegrate.

It has an earthy aroma and flavor that is relevant to that of cannabis and natural herbs so that it doesn’t overpower or add too much to the overall flavor that you want to have with a specific concentrate after liquidizing the concentrate.

Many people out there complain about getting burnt out flavor from their dedicated vape devices after using the homemade vape juice treated with wax liquidizer. If this is the case with you then don’t worry it is probably because your wattage is above normal.

Try to tone it down and you would see instant relief as the bitterness would start to go away but if it doesn’t then it means that your coil is probably burnt and you would have to replace it to fix the problem. If you keep the wattage lower and gradually increase it then you would see that this problem won’t be affecting you at all.

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