How to Build Your Personal Brand With Videos

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With the growing era of digitalization, a personal brand identity could not be compromised. According to a study, as high as 86% of businesses use videos and the video editor as a marketing tool. After all, videos have helped approximately 87% of marketing professionals earn a much better Return on Investment.


However, not every video captures the interest of the viewers. So, there are specific ways that you must follow to build your brand effectively with the help of videos. But before that, you need to ensure that you are using a premium video editor to build your brand.


Tips for building your personal brand with videos


●       Effective video bio

Video bio is one of the most powerful branding tools. It introduces your brand to your potential customers. In other words, it is your brand introductory video. Therefore, it should be unique and exciting that makes you memorable. After all, it is the first time you reach out to your potential customers. Some of the tips for creating a compelling video bio are:

  • It should communicate the vision and mission of your brand.
  • Please keep it to the point. Avoid exaggeration or unnecessary extension of the video time.
  • Use stellar images, high-resolution video clips, and clear sounds.


●       Appealing video form

Since video is an appealing and engaging medium, you can use various forms to emphasize your content. For instance, animated video, personalized stories, augmented reality, and many more. It is better to try new video forms rather than stick to conventional ones. Moreover, smooth editing of these videos using a professional video editor enhances the overall quality of these videos.


●       Highlight your key message

Your brand is your own, and so is your key message. So, the key message should be emphasized to give viewers an idea of what your brand is entirely about. It should be specific, short, and believable.


A key message includes the core of your business. It should reflect your brand’s values, emotions, and benefits or solutions to potential customers. In the video, the key message could be highlighted by third legged approach:


  • The first leg involves the explanation of your brand’s vision.
  • The second leg consists of the problem that your brand addresses and the opportunities it uses.
  • The third leg involves the impact your brand has created overall.


These three legs could be combined with the help of a good video editor and presented before the viewers.


●       Authenticity

Nowadays, videos are filled with perfection and edited to the extent that it seems unreal. Therefore, if you wish to create a personal brand identity, you need to stand out from the crowd. After all, people prefer authenticity more than a fake sense of perfection.


Furthermore, if your brand is authentic and targets through genuine emotions, people will resonate more with it. Eventually, it will build your brand identity much stronger.


So, to enhance the sense of authenticity, you can include screenings and testimonials before your video. You can also capture the raw image and edit them accordingly to portray what you want. Another way to show authenticity is to create unscripted content with a controlled narrative. But whatever you do, make sure you keep it real.


●       Make your video true to the audience

The personal band you wish to portray through videos is ultimately for an audience. Thus, your video must be true to the audience. You can ensure it by adopting the following strategies:


  • The first is a deep understanding of your customer’s dreams, hopes, and worldview. If you focus your video on your customer’s interests, the customer will understand your ultimate vision. This audience analysis can give you a pretty deep insight into your audience.


  • The second strategy is to stand for any cause. This strategy mainly helps build your brand identity in customers who are very concerned with political and social issues.


  • The third strategy you could use is to use influencers. These influencers can increase your brand presence and expose your brand to a new market.


  • Risks are one of the characteristics of the business. Therefore, you should be willing to take them. After all, these risks can push your existing boundaries and show the edgier side of your brand.


  • The last strategy you could use is everyday moments connecting with your brands to connect with your audience. For example, if you promote an edible or drinking product, you can connect to the basic emotions like hunger, thirst, etc. Use your product in that video.


●       Correct branding

Your brand is an identity that your audience must remember for you to be recognized. So, there are certain elements that you must focus on to ensure brand uniformity. These elements are:

  • Tangible elements: It includes visual aspects such as font choice, logo, color scheme, icons, and graphics. This will help you stand out from the brands with a similar niche. Also, your viewers will recognize you by your color scheme and thumbnail.


  • Intangible elements: It includes other branding elements like your purpose, strengths, skills, and credibility.


●       Clear communication

With clear communication, you will deliver your core message efficiently. Clear communication with your target audience is possible by adopting the following practices:


  • Your video must be simple and to the point. An overcomplicated video is hard to understand. Audiences also find it hard to concentrate. So, more people will only be attracted to your videos if you present the content in a crisp form.


  • Along with clear communication, it is also necessary that you maintain regular updates. It will show your consumers that you are here to stay. Also, it helps deliver a message more efficiently if it is communicated with a persistent effort.


  • Your communication must be in coordination with the five Ps. These are:
    • Purpose
    • Precise
    • Personal
    • Profitable
    • Prioritized



Personal branding and videos are two aspects that are not complete without each other. Now that you know how to build a personal brand with videos, it’s time to turn social media upside-down with your brand-grand entry.

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