I 7 signs that you might need a detox diet

On the web but not only now we talk very often aboutdetox diet and its influence on the general state of health of the body.

A detox diet – but it would be better to say a program – helps the body get rid of potentially dangerous toxins such as pesticide residues, heavy metals and so-called VOCs –Volatile Organic Compounds| ||107.

It is natural for these toxins to accumulate in the tissues and this is why, if they are not eliminated periodically, more or less evident symptoms of stress for the body begin to appear .

To prevent the situation from going too far and annoyances arising, there are a series of signals that can help us understand if it is time to intervene with a detox diet that can help us unblock the toxins and make us find the balance.

Here's what we need to pay attention to

1) Constant tiredness

Constant tiredness is a symptom that should not be underestimated and is very stressful. If this feeling of lack of energy is caused by the accumulation of toxins it is obvious that trying to sleep more or drink more coffee are remedies that will have no effect.

If chronic fatigue has to do with the accumulation of toxins and heavy metals a detox diet will improve the situation within two/three weeks.

2) Autoimmune problems

When toxins accumulate in the tissues it is possible that they trigger an immune response or rather the immune system is activated against our body. The symptoms of this autoimmune attack are many and very different from each other, but the main ones are:

  • Swelling of muscles and joints Sore joints and muscles
  • Dermatitis
  • Tiredness
  • A hint of fever

There are several studies that indicate that an accumulation of heavy metals is capable of provoking an autoimmune response in the body while another study reveals that pesticides increase the risk of autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

3) Skin and tissues

Another sign that your body has accumulated too many toxins and needs a detox period is the appearance of your skin and tongue.

Pimples, dry skin, dermatitis and itchy patches can be a sign of toxin buildup, as can a very white tongue.

Increase your intake of skin-friendly foods while a detox diet can help solve the problem sooner, although it is important to underline that, just as it takes time for skin and tissues to show signs of intestinal discomfort or an autoimmune problem, it is equally true that putting in place the skin or the=very white tongue it is a process that requires patience.

4) Difficulty concentrating

You have difficulty to maintain concentration? A detox diet could help you

Do you feel like your attention levels have dropped? If concentrating is more difficult than usual, toxins could be responsible for this problem.

Some studies have in fact discovered that even a moderate exposure to pesticides is able to influence cognitive abilities even in a significant way.

Other studies suggest that even the use and above all the abuse of medicines – including over-the-counter ones – contribute to the decline of intellectual faculties.

A well-designed detox diet can help get rid of these accumulations

5) Frequent headaches| ||168

Il mal di testa è un po’ come la stanchezza cronica, nel senso che può essere il sintomo di innumerevoli problemi di salute.

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If you are not used to migraines and you have excluded the most common causes such as tension headache resulting from contracted muscles and poor posture or sensitivity to some food, it is possible that the cause is precisely the accumulation of toxins. In particular, a study conducted in Turkey has highlighted the connection between frequent headaches and levels of heavy metals in the blood.

6) Difficulty losing weight

Perhaps one of the most curious symptoms accumulation of toxins in the body is the difficulty in losing weight. Weight loss is influenced by many factors including lifestyle, intestinal health, the choices you make at the table: these are all the classic factors that contribute most to the success of a classic weight loss diet. However, if you know you have made the right choices and despite this the weight always seems to be the same it is possible that the toxins accumulated in your body are slowing down the process; many toxins are in fact obesogenic, i.e. they contribute to the accumulation of fat.

Multiple studies suggest that the accumulation of heavy metals, phthalates, pesticides, BPA (plastic derivatives) and other toxins can cause significant weight gain.

7) Insomnia and sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are very common.

Of course the excessive use of phones, TVs and computers before bed negatively affects the quality of sleep, but toxins could also be part of the problem.

When heavy metals such as mercury and lead accumulate in the body they can cause insomnia. In addition to following healthy habits to rebalance the sleep-wake cycle, a detox diet can help solve the problem of non-chronic insomnia.

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