I seven best books on diets

With the arrival of bella stagione the race to startgetting back in shape. In this article, we want to focus on books that talk aboutdiet and wellness, books that always arouse a certain amount of interest.

About Books on diets there are hundreds of them, but finding the right one to lose weight and, in general, maintain good physical condition in the long term is not easy.

Choosing the book on the diet

Every year, in the months leading up to the arrival of summer, new books on diets begin to appear. Finding the right book to read, which makes us feel good about ourselves and which gives us an extra motivation to follow a pathcorrect nutrition, is not easy.| ||132

Molti libri sulle diete derivano da studi scientifici, altri da esperienze fatte, altri ancora sono libri che derivano da famose diete.

We decided to make a selection ofmigliori 7 libri sulle diete that you can find online or in bookstores, paper or digital format. If you want to read other books on diets we also recommend this site:diet books .

  • 200 weight loss menus by Barbara Asprea
  • DietaGift di Attilio e Luca Speciani
  • Foods to lose weight by Rosaria Di Stefano
  • 77 habits to lose weight by Roberta Ricci
  • The way of lightness by Roberta Berrino and Daniel Lumera
  • The new omnivores by Roberta Schira
  • I am the diet by Luca Doninielli

Let's see the books in detail.

200 menus for weight loss

200 menus for weight loss by Barbara Asprea offers precisely about 200 menus for those who want to start losing weight, all simple to make and in a short time, even for those who can't devote much time to cooking, to be taken for lunch or dinner or for both. 200 menus for weight loss offers recipes, for the most part, with vegetables or cereals with a caloric intake of about 500 calories. A book that came out in the fall of 2017 and is among the best sellers.


DietaGIFT. Signal diet. The method to lose weight and feel good by forgetting about calories by Attilio and Luca Specianiteaches first of all how to listen and stay in tune with our body, as well as specifying foods to eliminate and others which, banned by many diets, we can instead eat freely.

Foods to lose weight

Foods to lose weight. Let's do an encore! Fit without hunger! by the author Rosaria Di Stefanodeepens how our metabolism works, which foods to choose and which to avoid not only to lose weight but also to avoid gaining pounds again in the short term.

Lose Weight: 77 Habits

Lose Weight: 77 Habits To Lose Weight,Lose Weight & Live A Healthier Life (Lose Weight, Lose Weight, Lose Fat, Health, Wellness, Lose weight by eating)by Roberta Ricci also explains here the right foods for each person, but also the habits of those who have and keep a slim body, how to fight sudden hunger, how to burn calories in the morning and many other habits to lose weight.

The way of lightness

The way of lightness. Losing weight in body and soul by Franco Berrino and Daniel Lumera illustrates how going on a diet is not enough to lose weight, but we must also act on our emotional states, on the relationship with ourselves and others, in short, on the body and mind, complete with recipes for "lightness".

New omnivores

The new omnivores. The joy of eating everything by Roberta Schira not exactly a diet book but rather a reflection on feeling good eating a little bit of everything, without excluding meat a priori, for vegans and vegetarians and without overeating of meat for others, to understand which foods make you feel good, becoming a little omnivorous, eating a little bit of everything.

Diet is me

Diet is me. How I lost 50 pounds. Definitely. byLuca Doninielli, for those who want to hear a direct testimony of someone who has seen the needle of the scale go up to 140 kilograms and managed to lose weight with perseverance and a lot of will. To motivate yourself.

The advice is not to follow all the advice in the book step by step without having first spoken to a doctor. The book can be a great motivational boost, or it can help us correct some bad daily eating habits.

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