The corn, a delicious snack with many properties

Il corn is a cerealextremely versatile,and boasts an interesting source of complex carbohydrates.

Thetoasted version of corn is a decidedly tasty alternative. For those who want to savor a crunchy food,toasted corn is the perfect solution to consume in an alternative way the grains of this cereal.

Thetoasted and salted corn is the perfect match for moments of relaxation at home, with family, or with friends . Roasted and enriched with a sprinkling of iodized sea salt, it is packaged quickly, keeping the original flavor unaltered.

Roasted and salted corn, the ideal candidate for preparing a delicious aperitif

The | ||124mais is theideal candidate for preparing a delicious snack at any time of the day.

Consumed alone, or combined with other products,toasted corn is able to enhance the summer aperitif, and the conviviality of rendezvous on the terrace, to be enjoyed facing the sea, in front of a splendid sunset with your wife, on the beach with a group of friends, as well as in the mountains, between a walk and a sip of fresh beer.

Combined with an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail, it enriches the offer more classic than chips and peanuts, pretzels and small pizzas, of which it can be a valid alternative.

Those who love strong and spicy flavors can choose to serve it by adding king paprika and chilli. InMediterranean version the perfect alternative is the combination with oregano, rosemary, thyme, garlic and a few pieces of dried tomato.

Gourmet snack the toasted corn is an excellent snack

Il toasted and salted corn replaces the traditional taste of dried fruit, and can be eaten at the end of a meal or as a delicious snack breaks hunger throughout the day.

Ideal asafternoon snack,we can take it with us, in bag, taking advantage of the convenient packs with resealable trays, ready to indulge that desire for crunchiness that suddenly assails us. Extremely useful in the kitchen, corn enriches the preparation of a dish with originality.

In versionsnackit is excellent ifmunched in front of the TV, or used for | ||154impreziosire una colorata insalata di stagione.

Ideal as a treat, healthy due to the properties of the natural product

Corn, above all natural, it boasts arich range of properties. Inserted by right among the most widespread, known and cultivated plants in the world, the product offers a Fundamental aid to the body.

Extraordinarily rich in carbohydrates, iron and minerals, it provides essential aid to anemics.Free of gluten, it is perfect for those suffering from celiac disease.

Easily digestible, it boasts a high presence of | ||171fibra alimentare, a precious ally for the health and proper functioning of the stomach and intestines. Thefibres contained in corn are also of fundamental help in keeping the value of 'bad' cholesterol at bay, and the level of blood sugar , thanks to the beneficial action of slowing down the absorption of sugars.

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