The metabolic diet menu (pdf)

Of course with all these diets out there we risk giving ourselves a headache.

The red diet, the yellow diet and the blue diet.

Obviously I'm kidding, but maybe soon diets with these names will come out too.

That said, have you ever heard ofmetabolic diet?

If you have heard of it, you will also know that the results of this diet are always considered almost miraculous.

Let's talk about speed inlosing weight with gaining mass fat loss and fitness, increased general health, increased immune system , improvement of character.

In Italy the diet is famous because it is considered without carbohydrates and with a lot of fat but it is not really like that.

Precisely for this reason we will see together a metabolic diet menu in broad terms to explain it better.

The metabolic diet

So how does the metabolic diet work? It works by altering the metabolism by replacing carbohydrates with fat and maintaining lean body mass with protein. But that's not quite the case. The diet is carbohydrate-free only in the initial part, then being divided into phases.

The theory is based on what our ancestors ate for millennia. And all of this certainly wasn't about both sugars and refined carbohydrates but everything they could procure for themselves by hunting and fishing and with the gifts of nature itself.

So let's say that diet and the relative menu is based precisely on what appears to be the feeding method of the primitives, modifying it according to more modern needs but always keeping in mind the fats which are energy and the carbohydrates which instead lead to obesity and diabetes.

Nella prima fase parliamo di carboidrati solo al 10% del fabbisogno giornaliero, quindi circa un 30 grammi, e poi grassi (specie presi dal pesce) e proteine in quantità elevate dal 40 al 50 per cento ciascuno ogni giorno.

Try the Vailo Method, fill in the form and download the free Monday menu:

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This first phase lasts 12 days and is the one that most resembles that of the caveman.| ||228

Nella seconda fase il menu prevede il ricarico di carboidrati e dura sempre 12 giorni. Serve a elettrizzare l’insulina con carboidrati anche fino al 60 per cento del fabbisogno giornaliero. Sotto tutti shock metabolici controllati, sia chiaro.

To give you some examples of what you can eat on this diet, know that you can feed on everything that is fish and meat in the first phase, even tuna and canned meat . Cured meats and cheeses at least 3 times a week.

It is equally clear that in the second part of the diet, you can eat pizza, pasta and bread in moderate quantities, but every day.

Obviously try to believe, this is a strong diet. 12 days without any carbohydrates or almost, are quite difficult to overcome but it is the first obstacle. The second is just as strong metabolically but compensates for the first step.

I can give you an example of an ideal unloading day, that of the first phase with only 30 grams of carbohydrates and a loaded day, the one with carbohydrates, so that you can better understand what the metabolic diet does to our body and our metabolism.

A possible day off can be:

Breakfast: rusks or cereals sugar-free or dry biscuits with tea or coffee

=Snack: fresh fruit

Lunch: salad with salmon/salmon trout/feta cheese/mozzarella/3 eggs (whichever of these foods you want, all proteins)

Snack: freshly squeezed orange juice

Dinner: veal/salmon/fresh cheese/ham (your choice) with cooked or raw vegetables

One day of possible load may instead be like this:

Breakfast: cereal biscuits or brioche with tea or coffee

Snack: fresh fruit

Lunch: pasta with rag soup or vegetable soup  + a sandwich + cooked or raw vegetables

Snack: juice

Dinner: fish or chicken with sandwich and raw or cooked vegetables


Here we are not only talking about metabolic diet but about a diet that has a menu to follow in general and rather singular lines. Altering the metabolism helps our body and mind by removing the danger of obesity and diabetes. This is not a question of having a normal diet but of considering fat as our friends. A nice curiosity, right?

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