Is Travelling In Train Safe Now?- Best Possible Way To Travel

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Is Travelling In Train Safe Now? This is the most common question that comes to everyone’s mind these days. India, but the whole world is also suffering from a pandemic, Covid 19 from last years. It’s been almost two years. Still, we are in the same stage. The vaccine is the only silver lining in the dark cloud. We are going through a very tough situation. People try to avoid going to crowded places.

Is Travelling In Train Safe Now – Govt has requested that if not needed, do not go or travel anywhere. As Covid 19 is contagious, so we all should be very cautious. Last month I was traveling for an office tour which was urgent and cannot be canceled. So the most important thing is how I was traveling? I was traveling by train.

Is Travelling In Train Safe Now – An air ticket was not available, so the train was the only choice. I was too thinking, Is Travelling In Train Safe NowIt is safe if you follow the below-mentioned instructions. Let’s talk about that.

Is Travelling In Train Safe Now

Is Travelling In Train Safe Now?-Covid 19 guidelines

Is Travelling In Train Safe Now – Forget that time when we used to travel fearlessly, without any worry. Public transport was closed for a long time, from last few months restrictions erased a little bit. But you have to be very careful. If you are careful, then traveling by train is safe. A bit of carelessness can be harmful to you, and follow some guidelines before and during your journey in train.

  • Special trains have been allotted for a particular destination
  • Try to avoid fully air-conditioned trains as health experts are concerned about this.
  • The train will run on a particular day, not every day. The government is trying to provide all types of safety to the people. Please corporate, so that we can finish this pandemic soon

Before travel:

  • Carry covid 19 negative test report– DO not forget to carry the covid 19 negative test report prior 74 hours before you board the train.
  • Stay updated- Is Travelling by train is safe now? Before travel, check your train schedule so that you come to know whether you will travel during the peak hour or nonpeak hour. If it is at peak hour, you should be conscious because the crowd will be there and you must avoid that.
  • Get your ticket- Try to get your e-ticket to avoid standing in the queue for collecting a ticket. Use online payment to avoid contacts.
  • Plan the travel requirement- Do not forget to carry 3-4 masks, a sanitizer bottle, if possible, take a PPE kit, face shield. Carry bottle, tissue paper, gloves, soap, etc.
  • Prepare for the travel- Before you start for the work, wash the hand always with soap and water. Wear a double mask and face shield. Try not to touch anything. If you feel use sanitizer.

Is Travelling In Train Safe Now

During travel

  • Do not touch– Try to avoid touching the surface frequently. The handles, ticket machine, elevator button, toilet handles. Try to use your elbow to open any gate. If you touch anything by mistake, then use a sanitizer.
  • Social Distancing- Do not forget to follow the social distancing. This is a must. Wear a double mask always. Try to avoid eating food on the train. Maintain at least 6 ft distance from another passenger. We always ask Is Travelling In Train Safe NowBut we forget to maintain few rules. Currently, it’s totally up to you how much you maintain that and keep yourself protected.

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Is it required to show covid negative test reports for traveling?

Yes, the test report should be done prior 74 hours just before you board the train.

What to carry before traveling?

All the required documents, plus extra masks, sanitizer, gloves, PPE kit.

Does the train will provide food?

No, food will be provided.

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