KPN TRAVELS REVIEW- The best travel agency in South India

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Travelling cannot be a luxurious one for everyone. For developing countries like us, not everyone can have the benefit of traveling in their cars. For long-distance travel, buses and trains are the most convenient and affordable means of transport. Today, we will share with you the KPN Travels Review to make your journey a smooth one.


Kpn Travels Review– Its History

Sometimes the history directs the growth of the organization. In 1968, KP Natrajan, the owner of KPN Travels, started his career as a tour operator. Realizing the shortage of bus services between major cities and towns, KPN Travels began its operation in 1972.


Kpn Travels Review – Its Expansion


The first KPN Travels bus services were between Thirunelveli and Bangalore. In the beginning, the owner drove the bus himself, and it helped him receive direct and valuable feedback from the customers. Based on the customer reviews, he improved the service, comfortability, and facilities of the bus. KPN Travels is one of the first to use the latest modern technologies in buses.


Beginning from one bus, it has grown tremendously well and became a family of many latest and modern technology equipped buses. It has 35 Volvo B7R high-end luxury coaches. Such a remarkable growth is itself a very positive KPN Travels Review. We can say that the travel agency values and understands what their travelers expect from them.


KPN Travels – Scope


With its headquarters in Salem, KPN Travels operates its services in four States- TamilNadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Pondicherry. Based on customers’ Kpn Travels Review, most customers prefer KPN Travels to travel through various places of South India. It has completed about four decades in public transportation, offering excellent services. With courteous, experienced staff and well-maintained coaches, the total success of KPN Travels is because of the responsible management of the managing director, KP Natrajan.


The KPN Travel buses are visible in almost all the streets of South India. Such is due to the timely services, and loyalty of the staff, and positive labor relations. The strong management and innovative strategies in bus standardization, customer review, and training to the employees give them a strong base for growth.


Why choose Kpn Travels Review?


KPN Travels is South India’s largest network. Booking tickets for KPN buses is simple. There are no peak time prices, and you pay the same for the same journey anytime. They provide e-tickets to the customers as well.

More than 6000 passengers are traveling in KPN Travels every day over 200+ destinations all over South India. Regular feedback from the customers has shown 100% customer satisfaction.

The buses are comfortable. The seats are comfortable, with special push-back cushion seats on every bus. The buses have Panoramic windows providing the passenger with an elevated view.


The Conclusion of Kpn Travels Review


Every travel agency relies on the satisfaction of its travelers to thrive. KPN Travels have seen remarkable growth in all these years, and the graph is inclining since its start. We give a very satisfactory positive rating regarding its services. For the overall KPN Travels Review, we can say that it is a good choice if you chose to travel through KPN Travels.


How to contact KPN Travels?

You can contact them through the below details: Phone: 0427 - 4222222

Where is the head office of KPN Travels located?

Their head office is at K.P.N Travels India Limited,23B, Rajaji Street,Swarnapuri,Salem - 636 004.

Who is the owner of KPN Travels?

The owner of KPN Travels is Mr. K.P Natrajan.

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