The hair care: the 10 most common mistakes

Have una chioma bella e fluente is everyone's desire. How much effort, however, to keep the hair always in perfect order. We asked Emotion Hair –, a leading company in hair care, di aiutarci a individuare gli errori che spesso commettiamo e che possono vanificare il nostro impegno nel mantenere una capigliatura bella e sana:

1)    Do not comb your hair before washing it.| ||111 Chi spazzola i capelli districando i nodi prima di fare lo shampoo? In poche persone lo fanno eppure questa tecnica consente di evitare che si annodino eccessivamente con il lavaggio. Passate dunque sui capelli asciutti una spazzola di legno e poi lavateli. Ricordate di pettinarli successivamente solo quando saranno di nuovo ben asciutti: ne spezzerete di meno e farete anche meno fatica.

2)    Wash your hair often. Washing your hair daily is not a good practice. Frequent washing stimulates the excess production of sebum which makes the scalp and consequently the hair greasy. It is therefore forbidden to wash your hair every day and, if you really can't resist the temptation, alternate the classic shampoo with a dry shampoo that does not require rinsing.

3)    Comb only the ends hair. The hair should be stressed  as little as possible. It happens that those with long hair tend to brush only the ends, completely neglecting the part attached to the scalp. This is very counterproductive because massaging the scalp with a brush helps stimulate circulation and hair growth. However, remember to use brushes with very delicate bristles.

4)    Rub your hair vigorously with a towel. Usually, as soon as you get out of the shower, you dry quickly the hair with the towel to absorb as much water as possible. However, in the long run this system weakens the hair and makes it dull, dull and lifeless. To avoid all these annoying problems, it is better to dab your hair gently with a towel, choosing terry or honeycomb cotton fabrics. In this way drying times are lengthened considerably but the hair will acquire  a better appearance.

5)    Never use conditioner on the roots. Conditioner often apply only to the ends to avoid weighing down the hair. In this way, however, the upper part of the hair is never nourished enough and the risk is that of having dull hair. From time to time, also apply the balm to the scalp, massaging it gently with your fingertips.

6)    Do not use a protective product before the straightener. The plates and irons used to shape the hair ruin the hair. Even if you use a latest generation model with ceramic and tourmaline, it is always necessary to apply a protective spray to the hair.

7)    Use hot irons on wet hair. Per evitare di bruciare i follicoli dei capelli che risultano molto deboli quando sono bagnati, è d’obbligo usare le attrezzature roventi solo sui capelli perfettamente asciutti.

8)    Use the hairspray before the straightener. Never use hairspray or other styling products before the straightener. The alcohol contained in them with the heat will burn your hair with harmful results to say the least. It is therefore better to shape the hair as you refer using the straightener or irons and then fix the hairstyle obtained by spraying it with the appropriate sprays.

9)    Backcomb your hair often. La cotonatura può essere fatta solo raramente. Pettinarli infatti dalle punte verso la cute provoca inevitabilmente la rottura della fibra capillare. Sarebbe meglio evitare del tutto la cotonatura ma se proprio non potete farne a meno riducete al massimo le volte che lo fate nel corso dell’anno.

10)  Attempting to reunite split ends. There are no cures or other tricks that can reunite the ends of split hair. You can prevent them from forming by avoiding overly aggressive washing and using a soft dryer, reducing the use of hot irons. Another way to prevent the formation of split ends is to grease the hair from time to time, after having washed and dried it, with a little sweet almond oil or with simple, excellent quality extra virgin olive oil.

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