The purifying diet that lasts 3 days and its menu to be reworked as you prefer

dieta depurativa che dura 3 giorni e il suo menu

Do you need a break, a stop from everyday life?

Do you feel heavy, do you want to do something || |107per depurare il vostro corpo, like 3 days in which you will no longer eat fast food andalcoholic or carbonated drinks?

I have themenu that's right for you with a 3-day purifying diet very easy to follow.

Let's talk about a tired body, a body that needs to stop its everyday diet.

And so if we want to eliminate the toxins and excess liquid this is thedetox diet that's right for us.

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The 3 day menu

We are talking about a rather drastic diet, so my advice is to try a || |130menù detox per circa 3 giorni and see what changes this food shock brings to our body.

Sowe are very careful not to exaggerate with this diet but to do it from time to time to improve the functionality of organs stressed by the daily grind and maybe also to speed up our metabolism.

Before talking about the menu, I would like to tell you that this diet strengthens the immune system and if done for a short time it can only improve our body's metabolism and health.

So let's see in specific what to eat and what not.

First day

• Frutta (esclusi la banana, il cachi e altra frutta più che zuccherina)
• Fresh and seasoned vegetables but can be seasoned with ginger, turmeric and lemon. Do not use oil and salt, you have to stop water retention.
• At least a liter and a half of water but possibly even two
• Two cups of sugar-free green tea which is very good for you thanks to the catechins it is rich in and which is an excellent natural antioxidant
• As a snack three walnuts or about 15 almonds

Second day

• Fruit (always excluding persimmon banana and decidedly sugary fruit)
• Fresh and seasoned vegetables or seasoned with turmeric, ginger and lemon also using a centrifuge to blend them
• At least a liter and a half of water, which you can make more pleasant to drink with lemon or ginger pieces
• Two cups of purifying herbal tea of ​​your choice with stevia to sweeten
• Always walnuts or almonds as a snack

Third day

• Fruit (always excluding sugary ones)
• Fresh seasonal vegetables that you can spin
• Water with ginger and lemon if you prefer and to drink throughout the day
• Soybeans that you can also use in a good lentil soup to eat
• Two cups of purifying herbal tea throughout the day to sweeten with stevia.
• Dried fruit, as is customary, for a snack.


It is certainly not easy to decide to say stop to daily life and go on a 3-day purifying diet.|| |172

In questo caso parliamo di un menù che è facile da portare avanti per poco tempo e che è molto salutare, disintossica alla grande e questo non può far altro che farci bene!

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