The Matthew Mcconaughey diet: this is how it works

Looking at the actor's image I immediately get the idea that to reach that weightMatthew McConaughey he must have suffered a lot….

But with excellent results (from a point of view of weight loss).

Let's see how he did it.

How do actors lose weight quickly and lose weight?

When it comes tolosing weight, I firmly believe that doing it gradually and constantly is the best way to achieve your goal.

By eating a variety of unprocessed foods you will end up giving your body all the nutrients it needs to feel its best, while at the same time losing the extra pounds.

And, without having to go hungry by following the diet of the moment, it is very likely that you will be able to maintain the weight achieved for a long period of time.

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Lose weight over 5kg or 10kg kilo in two weeks

That said, I realize that there are times when you have the urge need to follow adiet to lose weight quickly. For example when you are about to go to the beach,with a view to next summer, or when you have to participate in an important event such as….your wedding.

Per aiutarti, ho effettuato alcune ricerche per scoprire come gli atleti, ma anche le celebrità,  perdono peso così velocemente.

MMA fighters, athletes who fight following the rules of mixed martial arts, are able toreduce or increase their weight in a few days before their meetings, or the jockeys who are able tocontrol their body weight very effectively.

The same goes for some celebrities,as is the case with American actor Matthew McConaughey who was able to lose over 20 kilos to play the role of an AIDS patient in the film The Dallas Buyer's Club (see image below).

Matthew McConaughey e la perdita di peso

How do they manage to do it?

Through a combination of saunas, suits made of mater non-breathing rooms, baths with very hot water, diuretics and strange food choices.

However, this sudden weight loss has its price. In fact,there are many dangers as demonstrated by various studies: malnutrition, hormonal dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, poor kidney function, disorientation, mood swings, and blurred vision.

That's why, as you can easily understand, I never recommend following slimming techniques suitable only for professional athletes.

Furthermore, losing weight quickly can lead to bad skin and hair loss, so the price isn't worth the candle.

However, used in moderation and with an appropriate nutrition program, some of these diets have some valid principles that can help you achieve your your ideal weight.

Regulate your intake of fluids

Perdere peso con l'assunzione di fludi

Drinking liters of water and then progressively reducing the amount taken until you almost stop drinking is a way that some athletes MMA professionals manage to control their weight before each match. This severe mode of dehydration can cause dizziness, fainting, headaches or, in extreme cases, convulsions and even death.

So why not rely on scientifically proven weight loss methods that are based on the level of water intake?

Some studieshave shown that drinking 500ml of water can temporarily increase your metabolism by up to approximately 30%. Those who drink that amount of water before a meal have been shown to lose up to 44% more weight than those who don't.

So make sure you prepare 2 or 3 liters of water per day that you will have to consume before each meal and throughout the day. In fact, when the body takes in water, a mechanism calledthermogenesis is triggered, which has the function of increasing the temperature of the water taken up to 37°C. This mechanism results in the body consuming calories.

Thermogenesis is all the more accentuated and amplified the lower the temperature of the water you drink. Without exaggerating, one strategy is to add an ice cube to your glass, forcing your body to burn more calories to heat the water to the ideal temperature.

Thus increasing your water intake you will also have another benefit, that of not taking alcoholic drinks, fizzy drinks and fruit juices. This type of drink, which not only has a very high caloric value,also stimulates the appetite, making your weight loss goal more difficult to achieve.

Bere acqua non ti piace ti annoia?

There are lots of herbal teas prepared for this purpose like green tea.


Sudare per dimagrireIt happened to me to read stories in which there are those who claim that it is possible to burn about 500 calories in 20 minutes in the sauna. Having said that a man should run for 40 minutes at an average speed of 9 kilometres per hour to lose the same amount of calories, to say that I am skeptical is an understatement.

Even if the sauna is commonly thought of as one of the most effective for losing weight, it is necessary to clarify that in this case what you get is only a decrease in the liquids present in our body.

What do you think will happen when you come out of a sauna session and want to drink some water because will you be thirsty?

That's right! You'll regain the weight you just lost.

The same goes for hot baths.

However, there are some real benefits to taking a sauna.

The The heat of a sauna causes an increase in metabolism by about 25% which means you burn more calories for a few hours after a session. But to have lasting effects, it will be necessary to become a regular "consumer" of saunas and, moreover, you will have to associate an adequate lifestyle. Living an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle would negate any gains.

If you want to try using saunas to get a better figure, then fine. But do not exaggerate; do not do sessions longer than 20 minutes and hydrate properly. The consequences of excessive use of saunas can also lead to irreparable consequences especially for those with heart and/or blood pressure problems.

Go to the gym


If the sauna is not the miracle cure you were looking for, there is a 100% safe and effective system which is to do physical activity on a regular basis. You've certainly heard of gym-goers who claim to lose weight in minutes by wearing sweat suits or simple trash bags while they do their exercises.

Well, these systems aren't just ridiculous, but they can also be dangerous since the only effect they generate is weight loss due to dehydration of the body.

Sauna suits, or simply overalls made of material that does not allow for normal perspiration, have been banned from many gyms due to their dangerousness.

For this, be smart and attend a gym where perhaps follow a program called H.I.I.T. (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training) in combination with an appropriate weight loss program.

H.I.I.T.have been shown to be more effective than other types of workouts in reducing body fat, especially in the abdominal area. Try it by doing treadmill sessions or spinning lessons.

Weight liftingwill help tone your muscles and speed up your metabolism. Many jockeys, for example, claim that training sessions with the kettlebell, a cast iron sphere with a handle, combined with a controlled diet, is one of the most effective methods for burning fat and calories super fast.

If you feel like you need some extra help, try drinking some coffee an hour before a training session. You will see that you will have more energy and adrenaline available to improve the performance of your training. However, taking caffeine is not without risk, so do not take this type of substance without first consulting with a doctor.

Avoid salt

Another trick that MMA athletes, or other professional athletes use when it comes to wanting to lose weight is to eliminate sodium, commonly called salt, from their diet.

And this has a clear explanation. When we eat something salty, our body assimilates the salt present in the food. But, as you've certainly noticed, the saltier you eat, the more you need to drink water. This is because sodium is diluted in the blood, and when the level rises too much,our body tends to tone up and balance everything out. Here then is that the kidneys send a message to our brain that makes us feel thirsty until the right balance is restored.

Let me be clear though, salt is an essential nutrient for all of us, however the problem it arises when we take more than we should. According to recent studies by theAmerican Hart Association, it has been shown that most people consume too much salt. The daily intake of sodium exceeds 75% of individual needs thanks to, or through the fault of, processed foods and dishes served by restaurants. It is therefore obvious that we could easily avoid adding it ourselves.

Reducing the intake of salt and, at the same time, that water necessary to compensate the sodium balance in the blood, will bring benefits of two or three days. The water weight that you will have to "carry around" due to excess sodium will quickly disappear.

Obviously, a normal sodium intake is necessary for muscle function and drastically reduce your intake of salt as a long-term strategy is dangerous.

Eat in a balanced and natural way

Dimagrire attraverso una dieta equilibrataIt goes without saying that a balanced diet is the key tolosing weight , in some cases even quickly, there is no ambiguity whatsoever on this point. Even athletes who need important weight loss agree on this assumption.

Put aside drinks with soda and sugar, following aprotein diet ,healthy fats andcomplex carbohydrates, you'll be on your way to lean physique in no time.|| |267

Tieni inoltre presente, che quando il tuo obbiettivo è di raggiungere un peso forma in tempi brevi, può esser utile e necessario avere un aiuto. Ci sono pochi cibi e supplementi naturali che possono fare al caso tuo.

Spice up your meals!

Instead of salt, why not add herbs or spices to your food to make it more appetizing without weighing them down too much?

Some spices areproven as capable of increasing metabolism. Spice up your meals by using coriander, turmeric, black pepper, cumin, cloves, mustard and garlic. Don't avoid chili pepper or cayenne pepper, which can increase your capacity to burn fat when you eat only three times a day.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to add a touch of sweetness to what you eat, then add a pinch of cinnamon or ginger to your smoothies.

Apple cider is another all-natural food that is effective for getting rid of extra pounds. In addition to offering a whole series of great benefits, it helps control blood sugar levels, thus reducing the appetite for unhealthy foods.

I conclude by saying that a diet to lose weight in a healthy way takes some time. Be patient and your efforts will pay off amply.

Are you looking for a diet to lose weight? Here is my strategy

Are you looking for a diet to lose weight quickly? Are you looking for a diet that allows you to lose 10 kilos in a month? Something I can do to help you, definitely. First of all we have to remember what we have already talked about.

The diet to lose weight in two weeks, for example, is a super effective diet to achieve the set result.

We also talked about practical advice on how to reduce unsightly looks love handles|| |293 ma oggi voglio focalizzarmi su altri consigli generici che servono ad aiutarci ad entrare in quel mood per cui riusciamo a stare bene e a dimagrire senza grossi sforzi ma cambiando le nostre abitudini.

If they are the holidays are coming, that dress that fit us so well last year no longer fits and we want to try to lose weight quickly. the effective strategy is beautiful and defined but it is not long-term.

Cerchi una dieta per dimagrire? Ecco la mia strategia

Try a | ||299dieta del genere in the long run it generates imbalances in our body, so let's get busy for a week by eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and mineral salts and contain few calories and has a high satiating power; trying to eliminate bread and pasta throughout the week or not to consume more than 80 g per day; avoiding sausages, all milk derivatives and sweets.

Very important thing is not to drink alcohol, spirits, packaged fruit juices or fizzy drinks.

Drink, instead, at least 2 liters of water a day, tea and diuretic herbal teas.

Obviously the idea of ​​doing some physical activity, not only during the week of the diet but also working on oneself all year round leads to unexpected benefits.| ||308

Parliamo, infatti, di una misura, questa della dieta settimanale, che poco ha senso nei confronti di un regime alimentare controllato tutto l’anno. Lì, sicuramente, con una buona dieta regolare, si possono vedere risultati insperati.

But let's go on, we always need to be in great shape for the week of the Christmas holidays. We're not talking about who knows how harmful foods, on the contrary, healthy foods such as seasonal fruit and vegetables in large quantities.

How should we cook without adding fat and calories to our healthy food?

Let's say that we must not exceed 1200 calories a day so it's more than fine to season with a spoonful of olive oil, the coffee would be preferable to drink without sugar, if we really want to use maximum 50 grams of butter as well as if we decide to eat tuna that is natural.

It is also advisable to eat a lot of proteins such as meat (protein diet) and lots of fruit and vegetables.| ||321

Cerchi una dieta per dimagrire? Ecco la mia strategia

Ricordatevi di utilizzare questa dieta solo per un settimana e di non fare in modo che sia la vostra dieta continuativa.

It would be a big mistake to let our body lack essential nutrients by just a few kilos easy less.

Have you ever lost kilos in a very short time?

And if so, what diet do you have used?

I always remain of the opinion that the choice of a drastic diet is wrong, something more suitable for your body is better.

But there are times when the occasion, so why not give it a try?

Tell me everything in the comments, I'll wait for you!

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