The Mycotherapy and the use of mushrooms as medicine

Mycotherapy is aalternative form which derives fromtraditional Chinese medicine. It consists in the use of certain mushrooms to prevent and counteract physical ailments through techniques taken from Ayurveda.Mushrooms and fungi, in fact, they possess incredible properties and, precisely for this reason, they can become the best allies for our well-being. So let's see howmycotherapy works and for which situations it is strongly recommended. Furthermore, if the topic fascinates you, it is possible to attend specific mycotherapy courses

How does mycotherapy work?

Exploit this disciplinepotenzialità dei funghi, distinguishing them into superior and inferior. The former are also called macromycetes or macroscopic mushrooms and include, among many others, also edible mushrooms. The lower fungi, on the other hand, are called microscopic or micromycetes which are not used for the purposes of this therapy. Thepurpose of mycotherapy is to strengthen theimmune system and torebalance the body to regain physical and mental well-being. Among the macromycetes used for this therapy there are Agaricus Blazei, Auricularia Auricula-Judae and many others. In fact, each mushroom is used for a precise goal of well-being and, below, we will try to provide you with a brief overview.

Macromycetes used for mycotherapy

To protect and strengthen the immune system, the most recommended macromycetes areAgaricus Blazei and theAuricolaria Judae. The latter is useful for the health of the cardiovascular system and to prevent inflammation or the consequences of stress accumulation. For those who want to restore vitality to the metabolism and take care of blood health, however,Coprino is the most suitable mushroom. The same goes for Grifola Frondosa, better known asMaitake which, among the many benefits, is able to relieve the metabolism fatigued by excesses of fat and glucose.

Finally there are the mushrooms that help the central nervous system, the stomach and the organs responsible for purification such as Hericium Erinaceus and Polyporus Umbellatus. For those interested in preserving their body from the aging action of free radicals, however, the best fungus to try is definitely Reishi.

Does mycotherapy work?

To answer this question, it would be necessary to evaluatemany variablesthat depend from individual to individual. We are certainly talking about a type of treatment indicated to preserve the organism and therefore proves to bepotentially effectivewhen you turn to the right professional. To this, the client must always explain his lifestyle very clearly to help the professional identify what are the behavioral and physicalnutrition errors that could cause body.

When is it effective?

In any case it is quite well known thatmycotherapy mushroomsare a valid remedy for stimulating the system immunity, resistance to stress and, therefore, adaptogenic capacity. Finally, fungi have renowned antioxidant and detoxifying qualities, not to mention that they are an important support for all the main functions of the body. This is whymycotherapy is to be considered a remedy to support a healthy lifestyle and which includes a healthy diet. The holistic approach, in fact, considers the individual as a physical and psychic living being and, for this reason, seeks well-beingin the balance between mind and body. This is why these remediesare effective when we personally commit ourselves to taking care of ourselves.

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