The naked and raw truth about why you don't lose weight

Many people find it difficult to lose weighttheir belly fat, there is nothing more frustrating, then to get your motivation you have to find the perfect diet and exercise plan for you.

Some people may actually have a metabolic problem that makes losing weight virtually impossible, but not many.

For most of us the harsh reality is that we are simply not eating as well as we think to do and we're not moving enough.

There are a few simple things you can do that will help keep you honest on your journey to a better life. iore.

Be honest with yourself

First of all it's amazing how much we can be liars to ourselves and our friends and family in saying what we ate.

Our brain could easily have forgotten that cream and sugar we put in our coffee and we could still complain about gaining weight.

To be honest with yourself, I suggest you try a food diary in which you will have to be absolutely honest.

La nuda e cruda verità su perché non si dimagrisce

You will have to write down everything, absolutely everything you have swallowed, even that extra drizzle of butter that you have spread on toast with jam.

Se si fa in modo di essere onesti, scrivendo ogni piccolo pasto, molte cose di sé si possono imparare facilmente.

Do physical activity

My advice is to keep a diary also about what we do to keep fit.

Obviously we don't know how many laps the bike does or how many ca lorie we lose but we can take into account the time we have dedicated to the exercises to realize that we are doing a good job or not.

This is fundamental.

Definitely interesting it can also be to try to drastically modify our diet by using quality products, such as bars or smoothies, in which we have nutrients or boosters to speed up the metabolism or protein bars to feed our muscles.

The transition towards the replacement meal it is an interesting moment, it is always better to swallow vegetables and dehydrated vegetables rather than queuing at fast food.

La nuda e cruda verità su perché non si dimagrisce

This is another dispassionate advice but how could you understand the real moment of interest for our life and the real turning point is the one concerning constancy.

Constancy is the key to our success.

And also the choice of the right exercises and quality products.

Provate a tenere conto di quello che fate, amatevi e siate onesti con voi stessi, è questo il risultato migliore che possiate ottenere.


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