Mothers, as we know, lend a great attention to the food they give to their children and they prefer organic food because it is rightly considered healthier. As soon as they wait, one might say, they change their attitude towards food. During pregnancy they turn to producers who can guarantee healthy foods free from substances considered dangerous.

A good help in the kitchen, from this point of view, can be given by organic meats raised byFileni. The Marche-based company has been synonymous with experience in the organic field for 20 years, and offers extraordinary attention to the Italian gastronomic tradition.Organic meats recommended by nutrition experts which respect the environment and animals and which stand out for their unique taste. Fileni's controlled supply chain is a virtuous example of passion and dedication to the service of sustainability. That's why attentive mothers know how to choose quality and tradition.

Fileni also cultivates the raw materials it uses for the organic feed served to their farm animals. In short, a line of meat of the highest quality, perfect for really taking care of your health. Just like mothers do.

Experts, moreover, underline how nutrition, during the period of gestation, is able to modulate the growth and fetal development of the unborn child. As the pediatrician Luigi Piero Biondi suggests, “If nutrients are ingested in excess or insufficiently, it ends up influencing the health of the future newborn. A healthy diet, made up of traceable and organic food, guarantees the ability to control the intake of xenobiotics, without endangering the health of mother and child. Nutrition that must continue even after childbirth".

Strengthened by this rediscovered well-being, mothers immediately focus on choosing foods that benefit their children's health, understanding the importance to raise their heirs following an organic diet. The fact that organic products are grown naturally or raised following ethical criteria to protect animals too, brings healthy foods to consumer tables.

Mothers watch over their children, they want to protect them from external dangers , also through what they serve, at the table, every day. Furthermore, organic food reduces the oxidant activity of the body which, by carrying out its physiological functions, produces free radicals, responsible for aging. All this by offering better metabolic and energy conditions (Role of the Organic Mediterranean Diet on health. Edited by A. De Lorenzo and L. Di Renzo).

There are numerous scientific studies on the subject. For example the one reported in the volume by Średnicka-ToberComposition differences between organic and conventional meat which demonstrate how, even in foods of animal origin, proteins are decidedly of better quality and preferable composition. Mothers who every day face the problem of bringing dishes to the table that can tickle the palate of their young "warriors" can rest assured. Well, thanks to food of organic origin, the solution is within reach. Children, who assimilate everything at this age, will get used to dishes prepared with appetizing, healthy recipes, rich in flavours.

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