Leptin and weight loss: before taking leptin to lose weight, read here

Leptina e dimagrimento prima di prendere la leptina per dimagrire leggi questo: a che servono gli ormoniDi cosa parliamo oggi?

Perhaps you have already guessed it.

Today I want to talk to you about something that always has to do with the effectiveness ofslimming pills in diets.

There are many people, in fact, who prefer to choose drugsto lose weight.

For example, inmy journey of weight loss I found myself dealing with hormones and one hormone in particular today I would like write:leptin.

Butwhere is it foundleptin?

And why is it so easy to getfarmac i orleptin-based supplements?

I, however, who always and in any case prefer that our diets based on what we eat, I will also tell you aboutfood where to find it.

But first things first.

What are they for hormones?

First of all we must start from the assumption thathormones|| |166 non sono solo quelli che, per i maschi, fanno piangere le donne durante il periodo del ciclo o che rendano le rendano piuttosto umorali in gravidanza.

Hormones do not regulate women's crying but the development of both sexes, the funci sexual function, metabolism, cognitive function, maintenance of body temperature and many other things.

We must imagine them as messengers that since they are released from the various points (pituitary gland, adrenal glands, testicles, etc . etc.) go around our body to control and regulate what is needed.

By checking, in fact, they release or contain what is needed: from growth hormone to the increase in red blood cells, from milk to bone growth via testosterone or the promotion of ovulation.

And it is a part of what hormones do to our body.

Proprio per la loro presenza così massiccia, i veri problemi si creano nel momento in cui abbiamo a che fare con degli scompensi ormonali e, un ormone che crea grande difficoltà in questo senso, è proprio la leptina.

Che cosa è la leptina e dove comprarla?

Leptin is a hormone, a cytokine to be precise, which is secreted by fat cells andyou can buy it here.

And this is already a great discovery if you think that many have always imagined that fat was there, helpless, just annoying us.

Leptin it is fon fundamental for what it also has to do with the body's energy reserves and metabolism.

In fact, with ghrelin being another key hormone, it plays an important role in regulating appetite and sense of satiety.

The two hormones are complementary because they are completely different.

Leptin regulates body weight, ghrelin controls the hunger stimulus.

An increase in ghrelin and a decrease in leptin lead to crazy imbalances.

The two hormones, in order not to create unpleasant situations, such as sudden weight gain, must be in balance.

What you need to know on leptin?

Leptin regulates the primary functions in our body.

If there is a decrease in leptin, our body will go into an energy shortage and therefore will slow down the metabolism so as not to burn the remaining energy reserves, he will want to eat more to regain energy with a consequent increase in p eso.

In the opposite case, with an increase in leptin, there will instead be anacceleration of the metabolism and therefore a clear weight loss due to the fact that all the organism plays on the factor of speed and satiety for a longer time.

Leptin resistance

When we talk about leptin resistance we are talking about a problem that, in recent years, has always been constantly linked to the serious and widespread problem in the last 20 years, of obesity.

Leptin resistance works like insulin resistance.

As with insulin, repeated spikes in blood sugar lead cells, gradually, to become more and more resistant to the secretion of insulin and therefore we arrive at type 2 diabetes, so the sugars stimulate leptin in the fat cells until they become leptin-resistant.

This resistance leads to a crazy consequence: | ||219tu sei grasso ma il tuo corpo continua ad avere fame, so you eat as if you were always hungry and very thin.

It is the real problem of | ||223persone obese, the one for which the brain has no perception of how much fat accumulation there is in one's body.

Pro for this reason the brain goes on a continuous search for food to increase energy without thinking about how much energy can already be burned in the fat deposits that make that person fat and without strength.

And the more one feels powerless because the brain is hungry, the more one eats, without any control up to a pathological level such as to lead to premature death.

This | ||233crea un circolo vizioso in which you always want to eat junk food and consequentlyit also leads to food addiction, che è la vera malattia, una piaga degli ultimi anni, in crescente sviluppo.

Let's remember all the efforts that the different countries are making to try to control the weight in the little ones, we are talking about a big increase in childhood obesity in countries where we have economic development and little culture in terms of food.

It is the culture of food that makes everything easier,abbiamo bisogno di mangiare bene, not to eat a lot to produce energy and to feel fit.

Quality not quantity, this is the first fundamental rule.

There is a difference between eating a kilo of vegetables and a kilo of French fries, never forget that.

Leptin resistance cannot be cured but the levels of leptin can reduce leptin with a series of strategies to follow.

Leptin as a drug

Leptina e dimagrimento prima di prendere la leptina per dimagrire leggi questo: cosa devi sapere sulla leptina

In recent years, a rather flourishing market has been created in which leptin-based drugs are used which seem to be very sold on the American market.

The drugs can also be easily purchased online, on the web.

The mechanism of these drugs is usually always the same: they promote weight loss and at the same time the feeling of satiety increases.

In most cases these drugs also try to decrease the level of resistance to leptin.

Leptin as a supplement

Leptin is also used as a basis for supplements that can be found on the net.

The success of this type of drug or supplement is always due to the way it is once the mechanism of hunger is regulated, the less hungry one is, the more the metabolism is accelerated and therefore weight is lost thanks to the burnt fats.

In recent years body builders have found a way to use leptin-based supplements which makes their body more sculpted.

Leptin and weight loss

Leptina e dimagrimento prima di prendere la leptina per dimagrire leggi questo: leptina e dimagrimento

We learned about leptin gradually, in this article, and we understood that it regulates our appetite, so it is a fundamental hormone.

The moment we manage to keep leptin at bay with food, we are able to increase its secretion and lose weight.

But we will see this shortly.

Now I would like to tell you aboutadiponectin which is a protein of the cytokine family (therefore close linked to leptin) which has an equally important role in increasing or decreasing weight and fat mass.

Let's see how to lose weight and how to stimulate leptin.

Leptin and recommended foods

Leptina e dimagrimento prima di prendere la leptina per dimagrire leggi questo: leptina e gli alimenti consigliati

Obviously we're not necessarily talking about a diet based on calories but we certainly can't afford to always eat exaggerated portions of food.

So let's go take it easy with the portions, especially away from home, and eat everything that stimulates this precious hormone.

First of all let's talk about increasing the doses of complex carbohydrates such as:

  • whole wheat bread and pasta
  • quinoa
  • brown rice
  • rolled oats
  • lentils
  • beans
  • green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach.

These foods they are not essential for weight loss but they are perfect for increasing the sense of satiety and for slowing down digestion to the point of not feeling hungry.

We have already read and learned that legumes or soups based on legumes are essential to resist hunger for a good few hours and in this case it becomes important, because it is the appetite that we must not let us get, but without eating things that can do us harm.

Dobbiamo aumentare il livello di omega-3, presente soprattutto nel pesce, nel corpo che aumenta la leptina.

Let's see what these foods are:

  • salmon
  • red and black caviar
  • mackerel
  • herring
  • coreg ono
  • anchovies
  • sardines

Also excellent fruits with a strong fiber base such as

  • Raspberries
  • Pears (peel)
  • Apples (peel)
  • Banana

Don't overdo the sugar, of course, and never, ever eat fast food.|| |347

La dieta della Leptina

TheLeptin Diet is based on a simple but rigorous program that uses three meals of the day marked by pre-established times.

Breakfast must be made strictly at12 hours after dinner and spaced out , in between,at exactly 6 hours, from lunch.

Only 3 main meals, snacks between meals prohibited, all this to stimulate the metabolism to work harder.

Theallowed foods are various, in addition to those already introduced in the previous paragraph, we need tomatoes to stimulate leptin , eggs, yoghurt, dried fruit, lemons, tomato pelmo.

There is absolutely no need to abuse what is fat, what is refined sugar, junk foods, always control the portion and do physical activity andburn calories walking| ||368.

Even just a little movement a day, half an hour of activity, can make the diet much easier, because it ismotion that stimulates the metabolism with the most suitable diet for our body.

It is important, in fact, to always be careful to calibrate movement and nutrition to what our body requires.|| |376

Non possiamo pretendere di scalare una montagna dal primo giorno di allenamento, così come è impossibile giocare con il cibo ingerendo poco o nulla per giorni e poi pensare che questo will remain as a permanent weight loss.


The subject of leptin and leptin-based drugs and supplements is a very complex and very popular topic at the moment.

Already the discovery, only 20 years ago, of the interference of leptin resistance with what is the great problem of obesity, is a foundation of what is the new medicine and of thefight against obesity itself.

Leptin is a great regulator, our body's most important regulator.

Keeping the level of leptin high helps keep our bodies awake and healthy.

Leptin-based drugs, as well as supplements, are controversial when we are dealing with unclear chemical elements inside the package and the drug itself.

Ma il miglior metodo per prendersi cura di se stessi è proprio quello di curarsi con l’attività sportiva, seppur moderata, e con l’alimentazione giusta.

We have discovered that there are several foods capable of stimulate leptin, that complex carbohydrates and fibers do nothing but do you good and that you need to ban everything that is fat and poorly calibrated on fat and on our tro body.

The fundamental principle on which we should get to work is that our body is our body, we know it and we are able to understand how it works.

Puoi essere che ci sia un corpo molto fortunato in cui la leptina funziona alla grandissima e uno in cui la leptina ha un po’ di difficoltà ad essere secreta.

That's why I keep talking about how much it is important to have a personalized diet based on everyone's needs.

It is not easy to wake up in the morning and decide to change your life but it is even more difficult to think every day of living a life that is always the same in which our body is completely unsuitable for our needs, forced by too many kilos to live a life that is not the one we want to live.

As we learned from this article leptin, its resistance, diseases that have to do with what we eat and being overweight are on the rise all over the world.

And this is precisely the point: we are the ones who can decide what to do with our lives and our bodies, choosing every day what is best to feel better, thanks to quality products, to a controlled diet, to a team of experts  at our disposal.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a better life.

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  1. but they all want the names of the drugs, little hypocrisy….I already hate top-of-the-class articles, the advice comes from my mother , but the names of the drugs are given to me by the web

    • Hi Paola, nobody wants to be top of the class. We have treated the subject for what internet searches are. We preferred not to name the drugs because, in order to deal with this topic in a safe and healthy way, it is necessary to refer to your doctor or a specialist. We are not doctors, just health and wellness enthusiasts.

    • In Italy the dosage of leptin is not carried out except for research purposes and in fact there is no drug on the market that has the indication of use hyperleptinemia.

  2. This article is misleading and hypocritical. On the one hand it stimulates the curiosity of the average reader to buy leptin, on the other it informs in a very partial way and above all does not explain how to reduce resistance to leptin (a "supplement" - which is not a supplement but a real drug - of leptin which would increase its levels and at the same time reduce its peripheral resistance…mah).
    You are not doctors but I am and honestly I find this article disinformative and in bad faith. And therefore I will report it to the proper authorities.

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