Do you want a machine to do pressotherapy at home? Opinions and prices that will help you

La pressotherapy is a treatment techniquethat we all really know and that has proved to be very effective over the years.

Not everyone knows, however, that it is not only used to improveone's cellulite cellulite but it also has an excellent impact on those suffering fromdiseases of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

Pressotherapy we understood to be a great treatment that is not only aesthetic and many of us certainly don't know it.

But how many of you know that you can dopressotherapy at home?

And thenwhich machine or appliance to choose to do the treatment at home?

We can only help you with this thanks to the 7 reviews we will talk about at the end of the article and which tell of 7 different machines but all valid for what we are going to deal with.

Theopinions on pressotherapy are all decidedly positive and anyone who has started a medical or aesthetic treatment can only be defined as happy and satisfied with the choice made.

Butwhat can be the prices of these devices?

We will also talk about this in the second part of this informative article which will first make an excursus onapplications of pressure therapy for weight loss and celluliteup to medical and therapeutic applications that are certainly less known.

What is pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a very interesting detoxifying treatment which, through effective lymphatic drainage, helps promote natural functions toeliminate body toxins.

The revitalization and oxygenation of the tissue helps to slim and redefine the legs, stomach and arms while improving skin tone.


  • improves and helps in the treatment of cellulite
  • it is slimming and detoxifying, certainly a safe alternative to liposuction
  • perfect for body shaping and profiling
  • Relieves pain and swelling and provides instant comfort
  • Redefines legs, stomach and arms while improving skin tone

Pressotherapy is a computer controlled compression system which works with inflating pumps.

The device has five separate air chambers, which are positioned around the limbs, i.e. they are inserted like mattresses and gradually inflate.

These inner tubes focus on the movement of thevenous and lymphatic flow, starting at the ankles and moving towards the upper thighs.

Designed to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow, pressotherapy also improves the purity of extra-cellular fluids, reduces swelling, swelling and edema, relieves leg fatigue and improves flow of oxygen throughout the body.

Pressotherapy can be used in conjunction with seaweed wraps to detoxify, firm, tone, improve circulation and increase lymphatic drainage.

An excellent and relaxing alternative to liposuction, therefore, which can be combined with vacuum mobilization treatments for truly exceptional results.

How does pressotherapy equipment work?

Come funziona la pressoterapia
How pressotherapy works: computer and air chamber

A computer-controlled pump inflates individual sections of air chambers, positioned around the limbs.

The pump inflates each chamber individually.

Once a chamber has been inflated, its pneumatic circuit closes.

This allows the pump to maintain the preset level and avoid pressure balancing with the other air chambers around the body.

When a chamber is inflated, this causes an increase in the pressure of the previously inflated chamber, creating an automatic double pressure gradient.

Who should use pressotherapy?

  • persone che si affidano al drenaggio linfatico per disintossicare il proprio corpo.
  • people who want to improve body contour.
  • people suffering from lymphoedema of the lower limbs, post-surgical or congenital. The pre, intra and post surgery phases benefit greatly from the pressure therapy complement.
  • people who have walking discomfort, fatigue or fluid retention.

But home pressure therapy works really?

La pressoterapia può essere fatta anche a casa
Pressotherapy at home works!

Pressotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that is enjoying a great deal of success both because it gives excellent results and because it immediately gives a pleasant feeling of well-being , so yes, it really works.

Pressotherapy is used to treat cellulite because its action acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation making it better both aesthetically and for the body, therefore it fights and treats imperfections such as cellulite and water retention, edema and so on.

The instruments used send pressure inputs to the body tissue, dosed according to the subject, through a centripetal sequence that follows those of the venous blood and lymph, following the rhythm of the body

This type of sequence allows an easier entry of the interstitial fluid into the lymphatic vessels and facilitates the movement of the body and this is why we speak of pressotherapy and cellulite.

The treatment is mainly used for the legs and can be associated with other therapies and beauty treatments: manual massages, specific bandages with essential oils, seaweed wraps, etc.

The benefit it provides in a proven way is atissue toningwith the elimination of excess liquids and an improvement in circulation, which is what gives the person a feeling of lightness and true well-being in the legs, therefore not only external but also internal positive effects.

It is possible yes Opt for pressure therapy even in the presence of circulatory insufficiency, reactive skin fibrosis, edema, lymphatic stasis and lymphoma, post-operative treatment, joint disorders, hypotonia, lymphatic drainage, cellulitis, swelling, sprains and sciatica.

However not everyone can undergo pressotherapy, in fact it is not suitable for those suffering from varicose veins, heart or arterial insufficiency, skin lesions, lymphangitis, thrombophlebitis, osteoporosis, tumors, peripheral arterial insufficiency and plexopathy.

Obviously my advice is always to ask the doctor who has known us for some time if we can do this type of prolonged treatment.

One cannot but think of asking such questions first of affecting the veins and lymphatic system with significant pressure, you can never start something without getting information and asking our doctor for an opinion.

The most widespread opinions on pressotherapy

Opinioni sulla pressoterapia
Opinions on pressotherapy by those who have tried it

Those that seem to be the strengths in a continued treatment with buying a machine to work at home are obvious.

We are always talking about devices which, even if they have a rather substantial price, can be considered constant companions and therefore, if we think about it, all the initial cost is amortized with continuous use.

The most widespread opinions speak of a sensation of immediate lightness which accompanies a much more active diuresis.

In fact, the idea of ​​stimulating the liquids that remain stagnant in our body can only be the best solution among all those that have been proposed to us, even using drugs and supplements, up to now.

In fact we are talking about pressure, nothing medicinal, so this is already much healthier than much else.

Many argue that even if they are not doctors or beauticians this type of device is very easy to use, so it is easy to insert those inner tubes and then operate them, moreover maintaining a very low, almost imperceptible noise.

How to do pressure therapy to lose weight?

Pressure therapy not only helps you lose weight, it actually helps the whole body. The main reason it is used is to alternately move venous and lymphatic flows from the bottom up – from the ankles to the hips and buttocks.

Rhythmic contraction (i.e., the patient feels the effect of pressure) activates various organs and systems. What is pressure therapy really for:

  • external and internal layers of the skin;
  • deep veins;
  • muscle;
  • lymphatic vessels;
  • subcutaneous fat layer.

The effectiveness of pressotherapy in cellulite is due to the fact that, with the help of the computer, the tissues are "squeezed".

Thus, all the unnecessary fluid accumulated between the cells is eliminated from the intercellular space and, together with the lymph, is released outside the body with the help of the skin and kidneys. Sweat toxins also come out.

As a result, the fluid between the cells is completely cleared.

What is the slimming result?

This is an effective method of cellulite treatment and prevention , varicose veins and edema. In addition, the complex of procedures allows you to get rid of, in fact, extra pounds.

The use of pressotherapy for weight loss, in fact, is very popular and effective thanks to the ability to disperse the lymph in just a few sessions and significantly increase the outflow of blood into the vessels.

In fact, what happens?

  • metabolic processes begin to flow faster
  • water balance is restored in the body
  • liquid cellulite is eliminated from toxins
  • the vessel walls tone up and become elastic
  • the sensation of excessive muscle load disappears in the legs
  • the thickness of the cellulite decreases
  • swelling disappears
  • muscle tissue relaxes
  • the external and internal state of the skin improves

Reduce cellulite with pressotherapy

Ridurre la cellulite con la pressoterapia
Pressotherapy helps fight cellulite

Pressotherapy helps reduce cellulite by stimulating circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification, which is much more effective than other cellulite treatments that are focus on fat removal.

Cellulite is partially a problem of poor circulation / water retention and subsequent accumulation / inflammation. of the toxin, so anything that increases blood circulation/lymph drainage (and thus helps detoxification and reduces inflammation) can reduce cellulite as well.

Different women have different types of cellulite. If your type of cellulite is characterized by excessive water retention / inflammation of the cells, you will get a good result after a pressotherapy treatment.

Conversely, if your cellulite is characterized by a lot of accumulation of fat, lack of skin firmness or a lot of fibrosis (hardening of the connective tissue), then a pressotherapy session will provide mediocre results and should be combined or replaced by vigorous cellulite treatment, such as high intensity radiofrequency and/or ultrasound.|| |

In this way, pressure therapy can improve the effectiveness of any anti-cellulite treatment by accelerating the transport of fat released by adipocytes (fat cells) away from cellulite tissues.

Contrary to popular belief, fat that is not removed from an area after a cellulite lipolytic treatment (with fat release), is usually reabsorbed by the adipocytes, thus reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Pressotherapy, therefore, helps to prevent this reabsorption, it is the ideal companion for all other anti-cellulite treatments as it improves their effectiveness.

Since all types of cellulite are characterized by water retention (only the severity of water retention varies), you will always experience some positive results with pressotherapy, even when used as the only treatment.

Only the degree of improvement will vary according to the type of cellulite.

Of course, if you combine pressure therapy with a lipolytic or skin firming cellulite treatment, as mentioned above, you will always have good results, regardless of the type of cellulite.

The 7 best machines for pressure therapy: costs and prices

1. VEIN ANGEL PREMIUM Leg & abdomen massager :: wave massage with 4 air cushions for feet, stomach and waist :: 3 programs + remote control

Vein Angel 4 Premium massager with abdominal band & leg warmers, 4 air chambers that can be deactivated, adjustable pressure & duration, 3 programs, no pressotherapy
  • UN MASSAGE PAR GLISSEMENT SUR LE VENTRE – La ceinture abdominale inclusive pour The Vein Angel command box also allows you to have a pleasant massage by gliding the belly and tail level - from 95 to 110 cm from the belly.
  • FOUR AIR CHAMBERS FOR A UNIFORM AND DEEP – Vein Angel 4 Premium offers a smooth wave massage with four air cushions per leg: being overlapped (see photo) empty spaces are avoided.
  • SILENT MASSAGE – With only 60 dB it emits more or minus the noise of a refrigerator. This way you can talk, read or relax without any problems during the massage.
  • SIMULTANEOUS WAVE MASSAGE FOR FEET, LEGS, ABDOMINAL & HIPS – enjoy a pleasant wave massage from the feet to the abdomen thanks to the abdominal belt , leggings and special set of tubes included.
  • THREE PROGRAMS, DISABLED CHAMBERS, CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT – Vein Angel 4 Premium offers three pre-set massage programs to choose from (see image) and allows you to disable individual inner tubes, for a completely personalized treatment. Very comfortable thanks to the remote control!

This is a product that works very well indeed, it is considered one of the best by find for sale on the web but it is certainly one of those that has a decidedly high price.

Indeed what 499 euros.

This is a complete massage, with 4 air chambers, which manage to work on the belly up to the toes. There are also 3 pre-defined massage programs and they all work differently in the various areas, between the various pads.

The device, moreover, can be adjusted very easily with the remote control and with the control panel which is used to start, close and regulate what happens during the treatment.

This is not only a product that serves to relax but it is a professional product, in fact many opinions compare this type of device to all those that we can find in beauty centres.

So, if we are right in saying that this machine is very good, we can also perfectly understand how easy it is to amortize such a high cost in a few months.

  • beautiful
  • functional
  • improved diuresis
  • light legs

2. Beurer FM 150 Vein Trainer, Pressure Therapy for Restoring the Venous Circulation of the Legs

Beurer FM 150 Vein Trainer, Pressure Therapy for Restoring Venous Circulation of the Legs
  • Compressed air massage with inflating and deflating air cushions, improving venous blood circulation by restoring the function of the veins
  • The two leg cuffs are adjustable thanks to the Velcro fasteners, they are also equipped with an alternating pumping function and quick emptying of the air cushions
  • Infinitely adjustable massage intensity which promotes vascularisation and reduces the feeling of swollen and tired legs; it also prevents varicose veins and telangiectasias and relieves muscle contractures
  • Simple use via the manual switch with safety STOP button and timer function (10/20/30 minutes) to guarantee optimal application times
  • Operation from mains or battery (4 AAA batteries included) which together with the practical case included allows versatile use both at home and on the road

In this case we are dealing with a product that does not cost at all like the previous one, on the contrary it costs 199 euros, therefore less than half of the previous one.

This happens not so much because we are not dealing with a quality product but because we are dealing with a much more essential product. In fact, here we are talking about two sleeves that take legs and feet and that can be programmed up to a maximum of 30 minutes in which you work on those areas with a certain pressure.

We are, in fact, thinking about a Beuer branded product which is by no means a device that does not work but is, on the contrary, a product that does its duty and which greatly helps peripheral circulation.

Many opinions claim that this is an excellent anti-fatigue device for both ankles and feet. As an elderly person it is easy to have swollen legs, ankles and feet and this type of appliance can help a lot, no doubt about it.

  • essential
  • comfortable
  • lightweight

3. VITALZEN MINI Foot Massager (2019 Model) - Electric Massager with Compression, Thermal and Pressure Massage - 2 Years Warranty GLOBAL RELAX® Italia

VITALZEN® MINI PREMIUM Foot Massager - 4 massage systems: pressotherapy, compression/air, combined and sole and ankle heat - 2 year guarantee
  • 3 massage modes (kneading, air and combined) and 3 adjustable intensity levels (low-medium-high) - Massage roller that provides a kneading massage in the instep and heel, and heat massage in the ball of the foot - Innovative “Zhou Bo” massage that combines with traditional acupuncture massage
  • Easy to use control panel, with only 5 main buttons - Massage timer: 10-15-20 minutes - Removable cover that can be easily washed
  • The its studied avant-garde design, in the shape of a beetle, allows you to enjoy a professional massage in your feet. A unique design and careful distribution of massage points ensure that the massager adapts perfectly to the structure of the human foot, emulating the massage performed by a reflexology professional. It can be used every day before going to bed, while watching television, ...
  • Safer use as it has double safety protection: overheat protection and electrical overload protection| ||430
  • QUALITÀ EUROPEA: Venduto da Global Relax Italia (TO) - GARANZIA UFFICIALE di 2 ANNI - Opzionale: Estensione di GARANZIA PLUS 5 ANNI (2 3 Anni). Per ulteriori informazioni contattate il Servizio Clienti di Global Relax - Manuale di Istruzioni in Italiano - Dimensioni: 40 X 24 X 44 cms. - Peso: 6 kgs.

This is yet another type of product, in the sense that we are talking about a device, which always costs 199 euros, which acts as a professional foot massager.

In fact, in this case, you insert your feet into these two holes and then you can decide at what speed and with what type of massage to work on your feet in 30 minutes of work.

Even in this case we cannot help but think that this could be a device that is very useful to improve peripheral circulation and in addition it helps to drain the liquids that stagnate in that area and also helps to improve in other parts of the body, above all if we believe, and this is proven, in what is Eastern reflexology which makes an area of ​​the sole of the foot correspond to another organ of the body, up to an improvement in the certainly essential level of stress .

A very compact device, very nice to keep at home and to use while watching TV.

  • vigorous massage
  • amazing
  • minimal|| |457

4. Pressoterapia portatile nuovo modello più completo

Portable pressotherapy new more complete model
  • NEW MODEL: Includes 3 sets of connection tubes to be used in separate areas. This device promotes blood circulation and performs a deep massage using atmospheric pressure. Reduces feelings of fatigue and aids in the elimination of fluids
  • It's a nice gray colour, the tubes are made of high quality silicone and connect easily. It has an easy-to-use switchboard to choose the program that best suits your needs. Its size is small to be able to store and carry it comfortably.
  • It has an easy-to-use switchboard to choose the program that best suits your needs. Its size is small to be able to store and carry it comfortably.
  • Contains: - 2-legged boots. - 2 cuffs for thighs / arms or waist. - 2 models - 1 switchboard. - 1 current transformer. - 3 sets of tubes: 1 for legs and sleeves. 1 for legs only. 1 for tubes only - 1 multilingual manual. 15 minute timer Input power: AC100-240V 50/60Hz.

This is a model for quite minimal pressotherapy in which we have 3 connection tubes that must be used in separate areas.

This type of device works on the circulation and lymphatic system and works with a switchboard which is very easy to use and which can continuously massage all the areas that interest us for 15 minutes.

Given the price, which is around 85 euros, we are talking about a product that absolutely does its job and that also does it well, that is, without having great features but still helping to drain liquids in a correct.

So without too much delay, and above all if we don't have who knows what financial resources to buy more complete and professional products, we cannot fail to consider the purchase of this model which does what it has to, without too many frills.

  • essential
  • effective
  • easy to use

5. Leg and Leg Air Compression Massager with Electronic Circulation Packs for Ankle and Sunrise Therapy.

Air Compression Leg Massager, Electronic Circulation Stimulator for Ankle and Calf Therapy
  • People who work in the office often do not move, often feel tired and have no time for sports. This air massager is perfect for you. It can easily relieve your daily fatigue, promote blood circulation, and effectively relieve your skin. Restless legs syndrome, swelling of legs and feet.
  • This air massage device includes upper extremities, lower extremities, controller, silica gel tube, adapter, manual For massaging thighs, calves and feet.
  • With 9 intensity modes it is very practical, the massager can be easily adjusted with the hand device, to adjust the intensity mode.
  • The leg set can be easily adjusted to change the size and thickness for different people.
  • 100% quality assurance, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our service goal is that your your satisfaction is the most important

These are shoes that can really serve a lot to all those who for work are forced to sit for quite a few hours and come home with sore feet or heavy legs i, therefore not allowing them to rest in a conscious and regenerating way.

Precisely for this reason, buying this type of device, moreover at a decidedly low cost, i.e. around 49 euros, cannot be ignored, especially if we want to have quick and constant relief after a heavy day.

There are 9 different intensities that can be entered which change the massage and pressure. Many claim that the product works well and that it works by improving our condition of fatigue.

  • very economical
  • effective
  • light to wear

6. I-TECH Pressure therapy device

This is a professional product that has the cost of a professional product, in fact, around 599 euros, and is considered one of the most complete that you can buy online.

Also in this case we have a series of different air chambers that can be used from the belly to the toes.

We are dealing, in fact, with a complete machine, of those used in beauty centres, and which is equipped with a control panel but also with a remote control with which we can adjust the pressure we think is right for that inner tube.

In fact, each room has the possibility of being adjusted in a different way.

  • super serious product
  • professional
  • device used in beauty salons

7. VITALZEN PLUS Massager for feet, legs, knees and thighs - Yellow - Electric massagers with vibration massage, thermal, airbag and pressotherapy - 2 Years Warranty GLOBAL RELAX® Italia

VITALZEN® PLUS Massager for feet, legs, knees and thighs (new model 2022) - Yellow - Electric massagers with vibration massage, thermal, airbag and pressotherapy - 2 Years Warranty
  • Massage system consisting of 30 massagers d air with 3 massage modes (full - lower - higher) and with 3 adjustable intensity levels (low - medium - high). Kneading massage system with active rollers and 3 massage modes (continuous - short breaks - long breaks)
  • Carbon fiber that applies a thermal massage in the thigh and ankle area
  • It consists of 2 independently reclining sections: the upper section has a maximum recline angle of 110° and the lower section has a reclining lower handle with a 20° recline angle. It also has rear wheels for easy transport
  • Easy to handle control panel - Silent massage (less than 45dB) - Removable and washable canvas cover - Automatic shut-off function after 15 minutes of use|| |600
  • QUALITÀ EUROPEA: Venduto da Global Relax Italia (TO) - GARANZIA UFFICIALE di 2 ANNI - Opzionale: Estensione di GARANZIA PLUS 5 ANNI (2 3 Anni). Per ulteriori informazioni contattate il Servizio Clienti di Global Relax - Manuale di Istruzioni in Italiano - Dimensioni: 42 X 57 X 50 cms - Peso: 20 kgs.

This is one of the most complete models, it is the plus model of the first Vitamin we have told you about at a slightly higher cost, around 549 euros.

This system consists of 30 different massagers located in the air chambers and you can choose between 3 different massage modes and between 3 equally adjustable intensity levels.

The rollers are active and the massage can be continuous, with short breaks or long breaks.

These carbon fiber leggings also apply a thermal massage in the area of ​​the thighs and ankles and can also be reclined, between the lower and upper areas, independently.

The upper zone has a recline angle of 110 degrees, the lower zone has a recline angle of 20 degrees.

There are also wheels that allow you to transport it from one place to another more easily. The massage is considered silent, the cloth it is covered with can be detached and washed.

And if you don't use it for more than 15 minutes it turns off automatically.

Improve the area of ​​the twins, ankles, thighs and feet, also using the oriental reflexology technique which allows us to improve our whole body, and also our mind, by massaging some specific points of the sole of our feet.

  • very comfortable
  • professional
  • nice to see

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