Eating Healthy: a guide to proper nutrition

The new craze for DIY diets and nutrition brought only in order to lose weight has brought a lot of confusion into people's heads.

There are many people, in fact, who do not know at all what it means eating healthy || |105e quali siano i principi nutritivi dei cibi.

It is important to eat well because eating well is good for health.

It strengthens the immune system, strengthens the internal organs , it purifies us, it keeps us away from heart disease or diabetes, it can keep cancer away, it helps us a lot in sport.

In recent years, the mere calculation of the calories to carry forward, however, the idea of ​​the combination of elements and macronutrients for a balanced diet.

There is no need to carefully count the calories of the food we eat every day, of course we can decrease a little if we want to lose weight or increase a little if we want to strengthen our muscles.

But the secret is another one.

Just combine food well to eat healthy and also be able to lose weight.

The macronutrients

Macronutrients arecarbohydrates, protein and fat.

Carbohydrates are found in all foods that contain starches: bread, pasta, especially potatoes. Also legumes, sugars, some dairy products.

Proteins are found in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, again legumes and some vegetarian alternatives such as tofu.

E fats are found in nuts, seeds, oils, butter, cheese, oily fish and fatty meats.


Micronutrients are important vitamins and minerals that are required in small doses and they are:

  • Magnesium: mineral that plays an important role in 600 cellular processes, including energy production, nervous system functionality and muscle contraction
  • Potassio: an important mineral for blood pressure control, the balance of fluids contained within our body and the function of muscles and nerves.
  • Iron|| |158: fondamentale per il trasporto di ossigeno nel sangue, il ferro ha anche molti altri vantaggi, tra cui un miglioramento della funzione immunitaria.
  • Calcium: Mineral i Important as a structural component of bones and teeth.

All vitamins: Vitamins, from A to K, play an important role in every organ and cell of your body.

The requirement daily intake of each micronutrient varies from person to person.

There are people for whom the combination of elements is enough to feel good and some who need supplements.

Foods to eat|| |173

 Mangiare Sano una guida all'alimentazione corretta: alimenti da mangiare

Sì a tutti i cibi integrali.

They are much healthier than refined, white-textured foods and keep all the nutrients intact.

Yes to vegetables that have they contain most of the vitamins and minerals.

Yes to fruit, the natural sweet, rich in nutrients.

Yes to meat and non-fatty fish, rich in proteins.

Yes to eggs, without exaggerating.

Yes to dairy products if they are low-fat cheeses and skimmed milk and yoghurt.

Yes to legumes, rich in fiber.

Yes to water, to green tea and coffee (don't overdo it, otherwise you'll get too nervous!)

Yes to spices for seasoning, especially hot ones or Indian ones like curry and turmeric (if natural).

Foods to avoid

In this very short list I'm sure you will find foods that you shouldn't eat and that you eat every day instead….

No to carbonated or sugary drinks which are empty calories , without any nutritional contribution.

No to refined carbohydrates.

No to bad fats, the trans fats that lead to heart disease.

No to vegetable oils.

No to industrially processed and processed foods, they are full of added sugars.

No to junk food.

Consigli utili

 Mangiare Sano una guida all'alimentazione corretta: consigli utili

We shouldn't think of ourselves as perfect machines.

Each of us is different and has different dietary needs.

Dobbiamo innanzitutto pensare all’equilibrio e trovare la diet that's right for us.

If we can't see ourselves eating what we have chosen in the long run , it means that it is not the change we feel like making at that moment in one's life.

So be careful what we choose.

We can calculate the calories, to see what the right caloric intake for what is our approach to physical activity.

If we think about the fact that we are sporty we burn more.

If we are sedentary we have to eat less

Only whole foods we have no qualms in the eat as many as we want (obviously always in moderation)

We can think of making smaller portions, this is a simple solution to eat less.

Our body does not need extra large portions .

We can decide to take supplements, in some cases they are good for you and help you lose weight.

You can think of trying vitamin D supplements, the one from the sun.

O proteine del siero del latte o di origine animale o vegetale, come sostituto del pranzo o della cena.

Magnesium, zinc or omega-3 supplements are also good for our body.

Let's think about taking control of our life with more physical activity.

Let's drink at least 1 and a half liters of water a day to speed up the metabolism and purify ourselves.

No useless stress .

Sleep at least 7 hours a night.


Sometimes we receive so much information that we are not able to process it properly to eat at the best.

There is no need for such difficult things to be careful about what we eat, just being able to distinguish what is good from what is bad.

The portions , eating little and often, sleeping well, doing physical activity, this is the change we deserve.

We deserve to love each other, we deserve to be able to distinguish products by the kilometer zero, the fresh ones, the unprocessed ones, not inflated with hormones that make them glow but are bad for our health.

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