The Vailo Method is a science-based weight loss program. Developed by a Professional Dietitian, the Vailo Method is adapted to your specific needs. To lose weight you don't have to go hungry!



The Vailo Method is a complete program that bases its success on the variety of foods but also on psychophysical improvement.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is the main reason you are unable to lose weight in the long run. The Vailo Method tells you how to solve this problem.

Personalized Diet

Our Doctor Dietitian will prepare a tailor-made diet for you. Each of us is different and needs a personalized diet.

Lose weight by eating

The Vailo Method is based on the thermogenic effect of nutrients. In this way it is possible to burn more calories by eating better and more.


Losing weight in a natural and lasting way is possible. The Vailo Method is a weight loss program designed to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories. Without giving up the pleasure of eating the things you like best.




  • Personalized diet
  • Complete menu
  • Condiments
  • Important advice
  • Dietary recipes

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The word from the expert

“I am a dietician, specialized in food science, who also deals with nutrition outside working hours. I look at labels, I comb through hidden ingredients, I analyze nutritional characteristics to myself. I keep myself constantly updated by participating in numerous conferences in the sector.

I have been carrying out my profession for more than 7 years, developing personalized food plans for many types of patients: sportsmen, overweight, obese and with various metabolic pathologies. Together with the outpatient activity, I teach nutrition in private professional courses and I also carry out nutritional consultancy in pharmacies.

My mission is to generate psychophysical well-being and concrete results. The ability to change mood, self-acceptance and physical performance (in sports) with diet alone are the things that gratify me the most at a working level. I try to make people understand that food is not just a calculation of calories and a sense of guilt, but pleasure and a way to feel good.

This is why I cannot conceive diets that literally make us "starve to death" or that completely eliminate carbohydrates. The diet is supposed to make you lose weight, not lose weight.”

Dr. Emilio Chininea

The four obstacles

Warning, reading the following will reveal to you the 4 main obstacles that prevent you from losing weight in maniera definitiva. Il terzo ti sorprenderà.


Low metabolism

less food

eating without taste

FIRST OBSTACLE : INSULIN RESISTANCE. Losing fat is a very complex mechanism that we have complicated further with the current diet. You will probably have followed low-calorie diets in the past which then turned out to be unsuccessful because even if you followed them for some time you realized that the weight loss was minimal. The inability to lose weight usually derives from insulin resistance which leads to particularly high levels of this hormone (this defective mechanism is the basis of type 2 diabetes). And when there is a significant amount of insulin in the blood, weight loss cannot take place.


It is necessary to follow a diet based on the quality of food and nutrient balance. Thanks to a slight caloric deficit, while avoiding the risk of incurring nutritional deficiencies, your body will begin to lose weight by burning more calories from fat.

SECOND OBSTACLE: LOW METABOLISM. The pace of our metabolism is largely responsible for the calories we burn. But, contrary to what most of us think, calorie consumption does not depend on the physical activity we do alone. It also depends on the basal metabolic rate, i.e. the calories we burn to maintain vital functions, and on the thermogenic effect of nutrients. It is above all the quality of what we eat that significantly affects the amount of calories we burn.


It is essential to follow a protein diet (which does not mean that you have to eat protein excessively). To increase daily energy expenditure we can therefore modulate macronutrients in a very simple way: increasing proteins and reducing fats. Although it is very easy to say and a little more complicated to do.

THIRD OBSTACLE: LESS FOOD AND LESS CARBOHYDRATES. Thinking that dieting is just calorie counting makes you think that eating less is better. So, in hopes of losing more pounds in less time, we tend to reduce the amount of meals and carbohydrates. First by eliminating the oil, then reducing the quantities of the first course and then again of the first and second course, arriving at dinner only with a salad. By doing so, we further reduce the metabolism and increase the possibility of abandoning the diet.


To lose weight you have to eat!

Se noti una riduzione delle velocità di dimagrimento, non ti devi scoraggiare, è normale. Per risolvere dovrai mangiare di più. Alternando giorni in cui mangi un pò di più a giorni in cui mangi un pò di meno, il tuo metabolismo riprenderà a correre. 

FOURTH OBSTACLE: EATING WITHOUT TASTE: you've surely eaten plain rice, roasted chicken breast and a seasoned salad to accompany it all, haven't you? Many believe that dieting is necessarily tasteless, because it is thought that suffering is necessary to obtain results. But that's not true at all.


You must follow a diet that gives taste and flavor to the dishes you eat. This way you won't experience the diet as a burden, but you will experience it with pleasure.


The 4 main obstacles to your weight loss areinsulin resistance, lowering of metabolism, reduction of flow rates and carbohydrates and a follow a tasteless diet.

We at Vailo are sure that you too are encountering these obstacles, even if you are not realizing it yet.

But don't worry, it's not your fault!

Learning about how to lose weight through TV, magazines and the Internet is a good idea. But in the end, the end result will be to be more confused than before.


Fortunately there is a solution to all of this. All you need is a personalized diet designed by a professional dietitian. Only in this way will you be able to reach your goal: losing weight in a natural and lasting way.

This is why the VAILO METHOD was born.

A program tailored to you which, in addition to show you a balanced menu, it helps you to adopt a better lifestyle corresponding to your real needs.

Following a personalized diet has been proven to double, or even triple, your chances of success.

But theGO METHOD is much more than a normal diet. It is a complete program which, in addition to showing you the best nutrition for you, also explains how to integrate your diet with the right mental approach and a minimum of physical activity that everyone can do.

These three factors, a personalized diet , mental attitude and physical activity will exponentially multiply the results you will be able to obtain.

The Vailo Method will be your new lifestyle!

Hurry though, our program is proposed at a discounted price only for a few more days.

Don't wait any longer, start losing weight today.

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If not now, when?

Dr. Emilio Chininea



“I'm 34 and I'm a mother and wife.
I became interested in the program because I no longer accepted my physical condition, following my pregnancy I gained 15 kilos

I didn't recognize myself, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, all my clothes didn't fit or if I was able to wear them they were baggy.

I saw myself swollen, awkward, I had lost my confidence and self-esteem. I was ashamed of myself and how my body had changed.

I had no energy, I was breathless if I took the stairs. I was emotionally broken.
Before pregnancy I had never tried any diet, I had an active metabolism.

After the pregnancy I tried many things, from the DIY ones, from eating very little, to buying some products in herbal medicine but without fact, if I lost three kilos, I would regain them immediately.

I decided to start because I saw with my own eyes that many women like me, even after pregnancy, had definitively eliminated the extra kilos.

This gave me the impetus to start, not to give up until I reached my goal and rediscovered my femininity, self-esteem, security, in short, today I can say that I look in the mirror and I love myself… I have found the desire to get dressed again, to look in the mirror, to walk safely among people.

I learned to eat well, and I am aware that if I go wrong I know how to recover.

Now I maintain my weight effortlessly and with pleasure, I will continue to follow this lifestyle because I have changed, I love my body, I love myself and I respect myself, I no longer want to experience those sensations I experienced in that period of my life. ”

Emanuela M
“I'm Simone, I'm 32 and in my life I help people create a business through social networks.
In 2010 I reached 102.5 kg, really too much. I obviously felt heavy, awkward and uncomfortable.

So I decided that I had to do something, for myself and for the people around me.
I started some diets that instead of making me lose weight had the opposite effect. And that stressed and depressed me even more.

Then I started this program which, contrary to what I expected, didn't make me feel hungry as in previous experiences, but made me feel good and lose weight at the same time. The right way.

I also had benefits both from a psychological point of view and from a fitness point of view, so much so that I started doing the thing I liked best again: playing football.”

Simon F.



How many pounds should I lose in a month?

The answer is 4.5. In fact, losing one kilo of body weight is equivalent to burning off 3,500 calories, which can be cut by reducing daily food, or burned by increasing the quantity and quality of training.

Is it necessary to exercise?

Doing physical activity (even minimal) is recommended even if not mandatory. The Vailo Method also deals with this aspect by providing you with the right strategies that you can adopt too.

Can I eat my favorite foods?

Of course, a smart diet allows you to eat the things you like best. Obviously balancing everything in the best way.

Should I reduce the amount of food and carbohydrates?

Absolutely not! Reducing the amount of courses leads to slowing down the metabolism. If your metabolism slows down you cannot continue to lose weight. Eating a little more a day and a little less a day helps to keep the metabolism active.

What happens if I sometimes go wrong?

Don't worry, we all fall into temptation. In fact, just like the Vailo Method, an extra meal a week helps relieve stress and achieve better long-term results.