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 Netflix has become a part of our daily life, and now ‘Netflix live tv’ is on its way. I am a big fan of Netflix. If you check my mobile, the first icon you will see is Netflix. Especially now, when going out is restricted to avoid the crowd. Pandemic has changed our life into 360 degrees. We never thought of this current situation. These days we have only one everyday companion that is the internet.

With this, we get connected with the whole world. Netflix live tv’ is one of them. Be it a youngster or aged people; everyone loves Netflix. Recently Netflix making a plan to test a live channel, which is known as Direct. This one would be a 24/7 live tv channel. This will stream live shows, multiple films, etc.

 As of now, this feature is available in France only. It began in the month of 5th November. In France Live TV session is very popular, and it’s quite traditional. Everyone has appreciated this move by Netflix. The CEO of Netflix said that they are hoping this new step will entertain the French people better. This will attract more people to take subscriptions to Netflix. For the time being, Direct will be available via the internet. But not on the mobile or the television app. Netflix has not announced the plan yet. 


What is Netflix live tv?


Before going to Netflix live tv, let’s talk about Netflix first. In the year of 1997, Netflix got started as a DVD by mail services. At that time, there were no late fees. After Netflix, some movie rental places faced problems, and they were running out of business. In 2007, Netflix started the online streaming business, and it became the core business of Netflix. I guess, like me, everyone is a fan of Netflix. All you need is the internet and a smartphone.

It runs on Television as well. Netflix has 151 million subscribers all over the world as per the data in 2019. Right now, the subscribers cross the 60.1 million border. Movies and web series are the main reason for watching Netflix. Nowadays it is known for the TV program. Netflix spends billions on shows and movies.


Costing of Netflix live tv


The cost of Netflix is a little bit complicated. In 2019 the standard price of Netflix was $8.99/ month for one screen. For two screens, the price was $12.99 /month. HD is an essential central part. HD mode is necessary for computers and TV. If you want to watch on four screens at a time, then you have to pay $15.99/ month. Along with that, you will get the premium plan, which will support the ultra HD.


Surprise for the Netflix users


The subscribers of Netflix need to stream the online video to hear the audio of the favourite show and movie. Netflix live tv will be a complete surprise package for them. Direct will be a surprise addition for them. This feature became popular in France. In France, Tv is still popular, and Netflix will be a great addition to it. Let everyone experience the web-based service by Netflix. Netflix will show mostly European and French content here. So stop thinking about what to watch start watching live tv.


When Netflix was introduced?

It was introduced in the year 1997.

In which country Netflix live tv is available?

In France Netflix live tv is available.

When Netflix live tv was introduced?

It was in last year November.

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