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Any numerical value is usually expressed in digits but can also be expressed in words for communication through reading and writing. Number in words helps in simplifying them into words. For example, the numbers can be written in words like one. Five can be read as five, etc. The numbers of higher values above ten also refer to the basic number names like one to ten while expressing them in words. For example, writing the numbers 13 to 19 use a basic pattern for writing these numbers and use the terms three, four, five, six, etc., followed by the term ‘teen’ to express these numbers in words. Thus 14 becomes fourteen, 16 becomes sixteen, etc. The numbers multiples of ten such as 20, 30, or 40 are written differently, such as twenty, thirty, forty, etc. Again, the in-between numbers follow the pattern of writing the multiples of ten plus the corresponding numeral. For example, 23 is read as twenty-three, and 45 is written as forty-five. The number names for multiples of 100 or 100 can be written by adding the word ‘hundred’ or ‘thousand’ to the number, respectively. Thus, 200 is written as two hundred, 5000 is written as five thousand.

There is also a very easy and interesting concept that can help remember the number names for large numbers to be expressed in words. This is applicable for numbers with more than two digits, which are expressed in expanded form. Two examples are given as follows: 

1. 186 = 100 + 80 + 76 = one hundred + eighty + six

So, 186 is written as one hundred eighty-six.

2. 3742 =3000 + 700 + 40 + 2 = three thousand +seven Hundred + forty + tw

So, 3742 is written as three thousand seven hundred forty-two.

Generally, while writing a large number in a number system, some segments are formed by placing a comma between groups of digits. This helps to read and write large numbers easily. The position of a digit in a number is a very important factor for writing the number name. There are different systems for giving names to numbers based on the position of the digits. The International System uses the word million to denote thousand times hundred, while as per the Indian system, the same number is written in words as ten lakhs. For example, the number 15,38,291 is written as fifteen lakhs thirty-eight thousand two-hundred and ninety-one per the Indian system. Again, as per the international system, the same number will be written as one million five hundred thirty-eight thousand two hundred ninety-one.


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