Otrams – Why is it the interesting

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What exactly is Otrams?

Online Travel Reservation and Management System (OTRAMS) is a cloud-based hotel management solution that is ideal for travel companies of all sizes.

The software lets users handle bookings and purchases from a centralized console that can be reached from any platform, including Android and iOS mobile devices.

It can handle facets of travel, including accommodation, flight, car rental, and even events, incentives, conferences, and exhibits (MICE) demands.

In addition to standard bookings, OTRAMS also allows for the customization of travel agency settings and the maintenance of offline facilities.

Reports can be created on a client-by-client basis, and users can allow features such as social media integration and map viewing with expanded filters.

It also can be bought entirely by the company and its participants can view intensive online training in order to become familiar with the system.

Some benefits.

OTRAMS has a technologically sophisticated system that takes care of all travel companies require from a single console.

The system handles bookings for airlines, hotels, car rentals, and party bookings for events, incentives, conventions, and exhibits (MICE) and other facilities.

The app is fitted with an online travel booking engine, booking and travel agent control, and a stable mid-office. Its functions include booking events, payment collection, sales control, and guest management.

it also provides users with tools for handling various branches. You may also provide multilingual travel websites to enhance business growth.

In addition, the system offers a payment gateway and accounting system integration, as well as many other features that can be accessed with just a click.

Unique Features.

The app uses a new and complex system to satisfy all the needs of travel agents, visitors, and passengers. It provides calendar management, Google application incorporation, alerts, customer management, and other services that are customized to suit any company. The platform is designed with versatile, stable functionality.

I will show you some of the non-popular features, let’s get right into it:

  • Multiple Booking Services


The capabilities of OTRAMS are not restricted to airlines, hotels, and car services—the app also helps customers to provide a range of stand-alone services that can be connected to their booking.


This may be in the form of requests for a trip using a specific car, a special meal at a restaurant, and others designed to give customers a fun tour experience.


  • Inclusion and Collaboration

OTRAMS combines with the hotel rating database of Travel Advisor. Customers are now able to read the articles and make educated decisions.


The app also connects with social media and a wide variety of travel service providers and suppliers.


This makes it easy to incorporate all available travel insurance, transfers, events, fraud prevention schemes, activities, and tours, and many more.


Last word.

As a conclusion, we can say that OTRAMS is an innovative tech product intended to make life more comfortable and efficient for travel agents and customers.

Technology streamlines business for small, medium, and large companies around the world and offers solutions to all the challenges that come with travel and hospitality.

With its multilingual platform, robust documentation, automated automation, Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) integrations, as well as other powerful features, OTRAMS offers its customers an exciting package worth checking out.


Who is Otrams made for?

It’s a travel booking software for travel brokers and agencies, travel websites, consultants, trip management firms, and hotel resellers.

Is it free?

No, Otrams isn’t free, but it offers some custom prices for the software.

Is there an API provided in the software?

Yes, Otrams offers and API.

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